On January 15, Jiangsu Jiesheng successfully delivered the electric winch of the Danjiangkou City Waterway Bureau Shipyard. The shipyard Du manager and the owner Zhang Haitao and the ship design technicians expressed satisfaction with the quality of the winch.
Jiangsu Jiesheng successfully delivered marine electric winch
The rated electric pull of the electric winch is 40KN, the cable speed is 12m/min, the cable diameter is Φ18.5mm, the motor power is 11/11/7.5KW, and the motor protection grade is IP56.
It is understood that the marine electric winch is a stereotyped product of the company. There are more than 260 sets of winch service and business, official vessels and various types of civil vessels. With high reliability and market share. This model has been widely used at home and abroad. Recently, many orders have been signed in emerging shipbuilding countries in Southeast Asia such as China, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., and will be delivered in batches after the Spring Festival.

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