First, use:

The electric heater for wind turbine gearbox is a heater specially designed by our company for the wind turbine gearbox. It is suitable for heating the oil in the wind turbine gearbox, and it can also be used to heat the oil on the outdoor oil tank.

Second, characteristics:

1. The electric heater for the wind turbine gear box is connected with the gear box through the flange. Because the heater itself is sheathed, it has the characteristics of large heat dissipation area, fast heat transfer, long service life, and easy replacement and maintenance.

2. Since the heater is sheathed, if the heating element is damaged, only the internal heating core needs to be replaced without replacing the entire heater, which greatly reduces the subsequent investment of the user.

3. The surface load design of electric heaters for wind turbine gearboxes can be determined according to customer needs. Since the actual operating environment of wind turbine gearboxes is relatively poor, the surface load design of this model heater should be as close as possible to 0.7 W/cm2.

5. Operating voltage tolerance: not more than 1.1 times its rated value. The enclosure should be effectively grounded.

6. Working environment: Relative humidity is not more than 95%, no explosive, flammable and corrosive gases.

7. Heater material: carbon steel or stainless steel.

8. The maximum working temperature: 200 °C.

9. Working pressure: less than 0.6MPa

10. Specifications and Dimensions: See the following table and figures

Third, the use of maintenance and precautions:

1. Dimension "B" must be completely immersed in the oil to avoid burning the components.

2. The heated medium should be non-corrosive.

3. When melting solid oil such as asphalt, paraffin, etc., the voltage should be reduced. After melting, it should be raised to the rated voltage to prevent the heat from being too concentrated and reducing the service life of the components.

4. When carbon is found on the surface of the heating tube, the carbon must be removed before use to reduce the efficiency and even burn out the components.

5. The components should be stored in a dry place. If the insulation resistance drops below 1 megohm after standing for a long time, it can be dried in an oven at about 200°C for several hours (or several hours at low voltage). Insulation resistance.

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