Xiao Bian thinks that there is no smart insurance company who is astute, then it is absolutely a slippery calculation to play. That clause, that text, does not necessarily point to the Chinese culture can not be rationalized. The various clauses seem to be insurmountable. In fact, under the terms of the clause, the insurance company refuses to pay compensation even if it seems reasonable to you.


No annual inspection or annual inspection failed - no compensation

According to the regulations, the owner of the vehicle must receive the annual inspection with his car. If the vehicle fails to pass the annual inspection or the annual inspection, the insurance company will also refuse to pay compensation in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not forget the annual inspection, do not ignore the occasional use of the classic car.

No license or expired license - no compensation

Unlicensed or temporary vehicles that have expired vehicles themselves are a very serious violation of the law. In this case, the vehicle accidents will not be compensated by the insurance company, regardless of whether you have any responsibility or not.

Hit Your Own Family - No Indemnity

When the insured, the driver and their family members are in a car, there is personal injury or property damage, and the insurance company is not responsible for compensation. In simple terms, if you drive your own car into a car of another car or immediate family or immediate family member, or if the car of your own company collides with each other, you cannot obtain compensation through the third party liability insurance. This provision is a good measure to prevent insurers from maliciously creating traffic accidents for compensation.

During maintenance - no compensation

If any collision, stolen, or other loss occurred while the vehicle was being repaired, the insurance company will reject the compensation. It is recommended that you go to a trusted 4S shop or special shop to repair the accident and negotiate a claim directly with the shop.

Tire exploded, lost - no compensation

The car is still there. Only if the tire is lost or punctured, then the insurance company will not be compensated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of daily tires. Similarly losing some of the parts such as audio equipment, or the lock is destroyed, it is only their own losses.

Touch porcelain - no compensation

Touching porcelain is a hot topic in the past two years, leaving many owners with headaches. The reason is that such an accident is difficult to determine the responsibility, insurance companies in order not to entanglement simply ignore the one-sided, so the insurance company touch porcelain is not to compensate.

Mental loss fee - no compensation

"Every relevant mental compensation due to an insured accident is deemed as a liability exemption." This is a clause that many insurance companies will list.

Editor's Note: If you look at this, someone might say: "Even if you have insurance, your mother still has to worry about driving out," and "don't believe in insurance anymore." In fact, although insurance is not a panacea, after all, in some cases it is possible to reduce losses as much as possible, so necessary insurance is still needed.

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