In the past, monitoring and prevention of forest diseases required staff to go deep into the first line to obtain relevant data and information. However, the obvious disadvantage of manual monitoring and prevention was low efficiency, which seriously affected the formulation and release of disease prevention and control measures. In the case of monitoring and early warning of major pests and diseases, there are major limitations. Therefore, in response to this situation, many defense stations have upgraded the equipment systems of the pest monitoring stations and started to use quantitative airflow spores with higher technological content. Catchers, etc. are used to strengthen the monitoring and prevention of pests and diseases. Through further improvement and improvement of various systems, prevention and quarantine monitoring will be strengthened, and the quality of prevention and control of forest diseases and pests will be comprehensively improved.

Quantitative airflow spore trap

The quantitative airflow spore catcher can effectively capture spores scattered in the air, closely monitor the spore dispersion and infection of pathogens, and by analyzing the number and types of spores captured, the spores' occurrence of spores and the scattering period can be more clearly known. To carry out more accurate and scientific monitoring of pests and diseases. Based on the pest and disease monitoring survey results provided by the quantitative airflow spore trapping device, technicians can find out the trends of forest pests and diseases, take feasible measures in time, and do preventive measures in advance to provide accurate scientific evidence for the next step of prevention and control.
Quantitative airborne spore traps are the most advanced instruments and equipment currently used in the development of science and technology agriculture, and they are representative products of modern intelligent agricultural pilot applications. With these advanced information collection platforms, they are like being placed in forests. "Tianyan", technicians no longer need to run into the forest all day, officially opened a new chapter in scientific monitoring and prevention. The application of scientific instruments, such as quantitative airborne spore traps, has liberated hands to a large extent, improved the technical level and scientific and technological level of monitoring, prevention and control of forest diseases and pests, and can help relevant departments to timely and accurately issue trend forecasts and prevention and control alerts. Improve prevention and control effects and ensure the production of agriculture and forestry.

Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt

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