In the cold winter, the morning of this small city in Suizhou is always hazy, and it is believed that the garbage truck driver's work has brought a lot of inconvenience. In this weather, many garbage truck drivers should find their own car's fuel consumption. Increasingly higher. Today, garbage truck manufacturers explain the problem of fuel consumption in winter. The high fuel consumption in winter is normal within a certain range. Its main causes stem from the following aspects:

1. In winter, when the temperature is low, you will find that the heat of the garbage truck engine is also hotter, indicating that most of the heat generated by the diesel combustion is absorbed by the cold air, and the heat that ultimately acts on the cylinder piston is less. Less, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

2. In winter, because the garbage truck engine must be warmed up, the idle time will be lengthened accordingly, so the total fuel consumption will increase.

3. In winter, the temperature is low, and the heat dissipation of the engine of the garbage truck will cause the viscosity of the engine oil to become too low. As a result, the internal movement resistance will increase and the fuel consumption will also increase.

4. After winter rains and snows, the roadside is often covered with snow or ice. Garbage truck drivers will try to reduce the speed of vehicles in order to ensure the safety of vehicles. The total fuel consumption will increase as the speed decreases on wet roads. .

5. Some garbage truck drivers may change to winter tires in winter. The stability of such tires is good but their resistance is large, which will also increase fuel consumption.

In the winter cold weather, garbage truck manufacturers want to remind every garbage truck driver to add more clothes before leaving the house. It is very important to keep warm. Secondly, I would like to say that winter cares more about the maintenance and maintenance of our own garbage trucks. Don't look at them as just a machine, but they also cannot withstand the cold spell of humans.

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