In real life, we are often not in a state, such as: just go out and worry about whether the lights at home are still on? Is the door still unlocked? The key is not forgot to bring such a similar question. I believe you should have encountered a similar problem! Xiao Bian will often forget to bring the key, only to find out after leaving. At this point there will be a series of worries that the key is missing. Many car owners should have encountered similar problems, such as: If an Audi owner's car key was forgotten, or was lost. What should happen if this problem arises? The following Xiao Bian proposes the following solutions to you and hopes to help you.


First of all, when the first type of key is found, you should first check the bag and your body's pocket. If you don't have the key, look carefully at the place where you often go, home, company, etc.


Second, if it has not been found, then you need to pay attention at this time, it may be really lost. Xiao Bian provides you with the following centralized solutions:

1, when the key is lost, the first thing to consider is to find the local 4s shop, the general 4s shop is compared to the manufacturers authorized, more formal; there will be no similar situation, the credibility is relatively high .


2. Secondly, you can find 110 or 114 professional help-to-call telephones. They will provide professional personnel to unlock, but they cannot solve substantive problems. Because the key to many models now is the remote control key, and now the vehicle anti-theft technology and equipment are more sophisticated, if not very professional talent is also difficult to solve.

3, there is a professional lock company, but their charges are generally higher, but the efficiency is also high.


What if the car key is lost? Xiao Bian recommended the above solutions for you, of course, the best way is the owners of the friends, a good protection of their favorite car keys, so as to effectively avoid unnecessary trouble.

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