Stainless steel submersible pumps generally overhaul once a year, the cumulative run time less than 2000h, according to the specific circumstances of an appropriate extension. Its content is as follows.

1, ball bearings and bearing caps must be cleaned, such as bearing a pitting, cracks or excessive clearance, to be promptly replaced. Bearing replacement level shall not be lower than the original bearing grade, be sure to use the regular bearing plant products. Before the replacement plug gauge measurement clearance, large pump each time overhauls should be cleaned bearings cooling water in the scale and debris in order to ensure smooth flow of water.

2, if the impeller and the blade crack, damage and corrosion, etc., the light can be repaired with epoxy resin, serious impeller to be replaced. Impeller and the shaft connection parts loose and seepage, should be amended or replace the connection keys, the impeller mounted on the shaft after the sloshing value of not more than 0.05mm (this value is for reference only, as some high-speed impeller on the value of the shaking more Higher). Trimming or replacement of the impeller requires calibration of dynamic balance and static balance, if out of tolerance should be promptly corrected, such as the heavier side of the file, etc., but the use of the impeller hole drilling method to achieve balance, so as not to At the borehole there is stress concentration caused by the destruction.

3, the water control valve to check and replace the filler in time to prevent water leakage.

Stainless steel submersible pump repair process

4, the pump shaft bending more than 0.05% of the original diameter, it should be corrected. Pump shaft and sleeve between the different degree of heart should not exceed 0.05mm, over time to replace the sleeve. Water pump shaft corrosion or wear more than 2% of the original diameter, the new shaft should be replaced.

5, the sleeve has a regular wear of more than 3% of the original diameter, irregular wear on more than 2% of the original diameter, are required to be new. At the same time, check the contact surface of the shaft and the shaft sleeve with or without water marks, the paper sleeve between the sleeve and the impeller is complete, unmet requirements should be corrected or replaced. After the new sleeve and bearings bearing different heart, not more than 0.05mm.

6, check the seal ring for cracks and wear, the radial clearance of the impeller should not exceed the maximum allowable value, over should be replaced. In the replacement of the seal ring, the outer diameter of the impeller should be turning suction, the principle is to see the light can be turning to pay attention to be concentric with the shaft. Then the inner diameter of the seal ring with the size of the car good size, seal ring and impeller axial gap between 3 ~ 5mm is appropriate.

This equipment is suitable for the grinding processing of the second and third generation of automobile wheel bearings.Adopt PLC+ position control module, double servo control workpiece feed and grinding wheel dressing compensation mechanism respectively.10.4 "touch screen, easy to operate, ball screw and rigid cross roller guide ensure feed precision, feed resolution 0.001 Î¼m10.4 "touch screen, easy to operate, ball screw and rigid cross roller guide ensure feed precision, feed resolution 0.001 μm, repeat precision 0.001 μm.

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