Due to the continuous improvement of the quality of automobiles, no matter whether it is a joint-venture vehicle or a domestic-made vehicle, there are few overhaul phenomena within 100,000 kilometers, but it does not rule out the inferior engines produced by certain black-hearted small workshop car manufacturers! Today, we first look at the low-quality factors and focus on the most common engine abnormal vibration problem in the user's car.

Idle jitter

The most common reason for this is that the air intake pipe is leaking. Excess air enters the engine behind the throttle. It causes excessive dilution of the combustible mixture (driving power, reduced idle speed), etc. The exhaust gas passes through the oxygen sensor. Detected is "too much air" state, will increase the amount of fuel injection, once the increase of fuel injection speed will increase, in order to stabilize the target idling state (assuming 750r/min) ECU computer again control to reduce the fuel injection back The normal amount of fuel injection, so again and again, there is a phenomenon of idling.

The engine has a "click" sound

As there are too many fake engine oils on the market, experts have verified that the same engine will have two different effects with two different types of engine oil. Even burning oil is related to the use of low-grade inferior counterfeit oils. The reason is that the heat engine is fake. The engine oil is prone to carbon deposition and loses its lubrication, especially for turbocharged engines.

One owner responded: When the oil was not changed, the vehicle was all normal. Since it was maintained in a repair shop, every engine heat engine would emit a "click" sound (valve seat, hydraulic tappet ring), and later replaced the high quality oil troubleshooting It is learned that a good way to counterfeit counterfeit oil is to destroy bottles and anti-counterfeiting labels of real oil.

Engine shake

According to a brand customer statement, its car purchase for 8 years has never spent a penny on repairs other than normal maintenance. In the past, it has experienced abnormal chassis sounds in the area of ​​over-deceleration belts or pit roads. However, after inspection of the auto repair factory, The engine rubber bracket is damaged.

When this happens, the average user will doubt the problem of the chassis. However, if the engine is so heavy, it will swing around, and its chassis and body must be affected. After lifting the vehicle, use the lever to shake the engine (the lower bracket of the engine is more likely to be damaged than the upper bracket pad), and it was found that the chassis issued a pronounced “Oh” sound.

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