Nowadays, the city's traffic is getting more and more congested. Not only are there more and more vehicles, even the accident rate has increased. Although there are various types of insurance on the market today that can share some of the compensation for us, how many people know the skills of insurance claims? For this reason, Xiao Bian has found relevant materials.


First of all, it is necessary to report the case at the earliest time after the danger. Auto insurance experts said: After a vehicle accident, whether it is a unilateral accident or both accidents, or stolen and other non-road traffic accidents, the driver should notify the insurance company at the same time as reporting to the Public Security Traffic Control Department. And protect the site. In addition, if the owner does not notify the first time, the insurance company is very likely to doubt the authenticity of the accident, and thus start the delisting process. In this way, the owner will encounter trouble with the claim.

Second, communicate with the insurance company before repairing. As long as it involves finding insurance companies to lose money, it is best to communicate with the insurance company in advance so as to avoid disagreements afterwards. Another point is that after reporting the case to the insurance company, the owner is better to collect some proofs and materials related to the nature of the accident, the reason, the degree of loss, etc., so that future claims can be settled. Experts remind that owners can consider themselves for some small losses. Because if the insured car has no claims records or fewer claims, the renewal of the second year will be able to enjoy commercial car insurance and high risk insurance premiums.


Finally, learn to take pictures on the spot yourself. “In some special circumstances, photos taken by the owner can also provide compensation for the claims.” So at the first time when a traffic accident occurred, photographed the site and left evidence on itself, so what would happen if the auto insurance claims were made? Ambiguity or disputes may help us. So how do we take pictures? Experts said that in the first step, a panoramic view of the scene of the accident should be taken from the front of the vehicle to the rear of the vehicle (the license plate can be seen clearly). The purpose is to let the claims management personnel understand the environment of the accident scene. The second step is to take a close look at the contact between the vehicle and the hit object at multiple angles. At this time, the vehicle's brand number must be clearly photographed, and the image of the whole vehicle must also be available. Step 3, take a close-up shot of the collision point. In the fourth step, take pictures of the vehicles after they are removed, and take pictures of the attachments on the damaged parts and objects.

Have you been worried about insurance claims after reading these?

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