Congested traffic has been widely complained by the urban racers. In order to ease the traffic pressure, the local governments have successively issued orders for the purchase of car shakes in response to increasingly harsh urban congestion. This measure is forced by the current situation of traffic, and the mitigation effect it wants to achieve is understandable. But is it possible to effectively solve the traffic pressure with the shake-down restriction forced under such compulsion? The answer I don't think is ideal.


On the one hand, the intention to issue a car shake number restriction is not necessarily consistent with the effectiveness. The intention of the introduction of the car tying restriction is to control the total amount of new vehicles and the ratio of the market in the market, so as to effectively control the status quo of traffic. However, the car's Yaohao will be full, but the effectiveness will not necessarily reach the expectations of the government and the urban car race.

First, it may provoke unfair competition in the automotive sales market. Licensing on behalf of the license plate or become a sign that some sellers attract car buyers, especially those who have government relations will have more privileged franchise privileges, which is quite destructive to the fairness of the auto market.

Second, the car shake is just a mitigating agent rather than a therapeutic agent for urban congestion. Relying on the car's Yaohao without remoulding the urban traffic system planning and transportation capacity, and not constraining the habits of the city's car owners, it must not be able to finally resolve urban congestion.


Third, the car's Yaohao has fed a new group of “powerful people” in the car purchase process. For the relevant power holders who have mastered the key power of the car's Yaohao, they will inevitably turn into the use of the small handle of the car's Yaohao to control the fair car Yaohao in order to use the Yaohao to fill their pockets. .

On the other hand, the car shake number restriction is not a good solution to the congestion problem. According to opinion polls on the satisfaction of car shake numbers and suggestions for solving congestion problems in various places, most urban car owners do not take a positive attitude toward the effectiveness of car shakes in solving urban congestion. Actually, many local governments have not fully solicited public opinions before the implementation of the Yaohao. If the government does enough homework before the policy shakes, the city car racers will definitely support the Yaohao policy and will be more helpful to its actual implementation. Car Yaohao can play its true benefits.

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