With the advancement of science and technology and the development of the times, people's awareness of safety precautions has been gradually strengthened, and the requirements for preventing products from the perimeter have become higher and higher. The weaknesses such as high false positives, short lifetimes, limitations, and other shortcomings displayed by traditional infrared radiation in use have not been able to satisfy the use of complex perimeters. Laser intrusion detectors have emerged to overcome these disadvantages.

The laser intrusion detector uses invisible light of 808nm wavelength as a light source, which is easy to conceal and arm, and can be installed vertically or horizontally in the protection zone. Lasers do not interfere with background or different temperature objects like radio waves or infrared light. The power density of the laser beam emission is large, the divergence angle is small, the beam is concentrated, and the directionality is good. Under the condition of using the same power device, the power density of the target receiving laser beam is several times that of the infrared light emitting diode beam at the hundred meters, and thus The ability to penetrate the rain, snow, fog, and sand is strong, and the detection range can range from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. This ensures long-distance work and reduced false alarm rates in bad weather. The first-generation laser intrusion detectors developed by Flying Lasers have been widely used in railways, subways, factories and mines, oil fields, oil depots, power stations, museums, exhibition halls, schools, farms, prisons, military sites, and border defenses. With the further expansion of market demand, indoor and outdoor security sites such as Haiphong have been unable to meet the needs of specific fields. In response to the different needs of different customers, Feitian Laser has launched the intrinsically safe explosion-proof laser intrusion detectors, portable laser intrusion detectors, floor-standing laser intrusion detectors and police rapid deployment systems. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof laser intrusion detectors are mainly used in areas with explosive hazards, such as oil exploration, petroleum refining, oil delivery systems, natural gas stations, chemical plants, and other areas with explosive gases. Portable laser intrusion detectors are suitable for areas requiring temporary warning such as airports and stadium entrances; Floor-standing laser intrusion detectors are suitable for sites without walls or inconvenient installations on the site and need to be installed on the ground; police rapid deployment systems are suitable for * The department temporarily warned the area.

After 12 years of development and precipitation, Flying Laser products have been upgraded to the fourth generation. The upgraded products are more intelligent and user-friendly. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of the fourth-generation intelligent laser intrusion detectors at home and abroad, the three types of working modes are set to overcome the crosstalk between multiple beams; the six-step response time is fully satisfied. Pedestrian detection, wall detection and vehicle super high detection and other occasions, truly realize a multi-purpose machine; reserved high-power relay output interface, can directly connect with high-power alarm, simple and practical; dimming screw front design is easy for dimming personnel to observe Adjust the direction to solve the problem that the equipment is installed in the blind dimming inconvenience; the device uses a high-efficiency power management chip, and it also improves the power supply range while stabilizing the work. The power supply voltage range is DC10-30V; the device housing adopts a streamlined design and the edges and corners Circular arc treatment effectively reduces wind resistance and enhances stability.

In today's ever-changing electronic products, Flying Lasers is constantly introducing new products to meet the development of the perimeter security industry. At present, the R&D department of the company is devoting itself to the research and development of high-end products. The soon-to-be-released high-end products will realize remote-control dimming, solve the difficult problem of high-wall dimming, and will join the laser ranging function to accurately predict the location of intruders and issue alarms. signal. In addition, high-end products will also be used more intelligently in areas with high roads, such as bridges and tunnels.

At present, the Flying Laser Intruder detector products have been faced with various fields in the low-end market, the mid-range market, and the high-end market at home and abroad, and the company will also launch popular products suitable for the civilian market. As we all know, China's perimeter alarm industry has begun to show a convergence of development. On the one hand, we continue to learn from foreign advanced R&D innovations and apply it to the domestic market. On the one hand, we use the development of the platform to develop perimeter alarm and video surveillance systems, and smart home systems. The industry is continuously integrated to realize an integrated and integrated security system. In recent years, Feitian Laser has continuously improved its system integration capabilities while developing its own products and has provided customers with complete solutions in many projects.

Soon, the flying laser intruder will realize intelligentization in all aspects, automatic recognition of triggered alarms caused by man-made or other object disturbances, ultra-long-distance detection, and advanced beam encryption technology, so that intruders cannot crack.

The next decade will be the transition phase of laser intrusion detectors. It will be pushed to the civilian market, quickly realize the integration of smart homes, and connect home products with alarm equipment (laser intrusion detectors) and monitoring equipment to form an intelligent network. The control system allows users to remotely adjust and control the mobile terminal anytime and anywhere. We must strive to promote the transformation of the traditional single-alarm service to an overall service solution. While diversifying our products, we will implement a one-stop service for users, which will not only save user costs, but also provide more convenient services.

In the future, Flying Lasers will always be committed to innovative research and development in the field of perimeter prevention to provide the latest and highest quality products and services to meet the needs of different fields and is willing to develop together with China's security industry.

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