O'Malang a perfect air to warm the central air-conditioning system, from communicating with customers to determine the program, to the construction; some links are important, let's see, air source heating and air conditioning system construction precautions?
1, according to the site and decoration layout diagram design;
a. host location, the host has its own installation requirements, if you do not meet these requirements, it will produce a lot of trouble, especially if the location meets the requirements of pipeline installation;
b. The location of the water collector, the choice of this location will determine the flow balance of each pipe, the temperature of each area is uniform, etc.;
c. The determination of the installation position of the fan coil, that is, the position where the fan coil of each house should be installed is reasonable. This can be determined by the factors such as the decoration ceiling of the owner and the size of the room type and the function of the room itself;
d. The number of floor heating loops, the length of the pipes, and the distance between the coils are calculated based on many factors. No more, no less, reasonable;
2, the technical disclosure of the so-called bottom, everyone is to open a meeting at the scene, the owner, the person in charge of the decoration and related work, the construction of the three parties must go to the scene, the three aspects related to some things, such as location, related water and electricity requirements, air energy Floor heating requirements before the entrance to the central air-conditioning construction, ground requirements, construction progress, etc. communicate clearly. The progress of the air system to warm the central system is based on the decorating node. The decorating is a good step and the air can warm up the central air conditioning before it can go further. It is impossible to determine the specific time. Basically, the decorating step is done well, and a few times in advance. The construction personnel are informed of the next step, but the construction personnel need to specify the requirements of each node to the owner and the decoration company. In addition, some temporary conditions will be encountered during actual operations, which may differ from previous communication. This requires multiple coordination.
3. Confirmation of the approach before construction Before air conditioning and warming central air-conditioning systems begin to enter the site, it is necessary to confirm the site, especially the following points:
a. Whether the concealed pipelines of the decoration company, such as strong electricity, weak electricity, and hot and cold water pipes, have been completely ended, and whether there are any omissions;
b. whether the flatness of the ground part meets the requirements;
c. Reconfirm the location of the design and installation, because in the actual construction, the owner may confirm and record the reasonable changes according to the temporary changes on the site:
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