According to the data provided to set the corresponding dust removal equipment, 4 tons of biomass boiler DMC-240 bag filter pulse mode is set to online or offline spray box spray, this is a problem in a professional school. In fact, this is not difficult for people in the industry, but it should be very confusing to outsiders. What is the difference between online and offline? What's the difference between the two? Here's my introduction for everyone. .

The difference between off-line and on-line refers to poppet use and non-use of this block. Off-line cleaning uses a poppet valve. That is, the poppet valve works first, disengaging the filter bag from the poppet and the dust collector, and then cleaning. The opposite is true on line, ie the poppet valve does not work. Pulse bag filter can use online cleaning and off-line cleaning methods.

First, the online cleaning is the online pipe spraying, which means that when the pulse injection is performed, the dust bag is still filtered by the dust gas, and the impact on the system fluctuation is small when the on-line cleaning filter and cleaning are performed, but the cleaning is not complete and cannot be online. Overhaul. High-pressure pulsed air is ejected from the electromagnetic pressure pulse valve through the gas transmission pipe from the injection hole at a high speed and passes through the neck of the venturi pipe above the dust bag, including the induced secondary air, and is rushed into the interior of the filter bag along the length of the filter bag. The short pulse pressure wave will peel off the dust deposited on the surface of the filter bag, and the dust will fall into the ash bucket. The clean gas will be excluded from the machine through the clean room. When the solenoid valve is de-energized, the diaphragm of the pulse valve is closed and the high-pressure pulse air flow is stopped. The end of a cleaning operation is completed. The problem with on-line deashing is that the high-pressure pulsed air generates a high-pressure airflow in the opposite direction to the main air flow. The filter bag causes the filter bag to oscillate. The accumulated dust on the surface of the filter bag is removed, and the dust is dropped into the ash bucket located at the bottom of the dust collector. In the middle, it is discharged outside the discharge device. In this process, high-pressure pulsed air must overcome the resistance of the main air flow, and its strength must be weakened. The effective filter area of ​​the dust collector is also instantaneously reduced (milliseconds). From an industrial point of view, the impact of this area reduction on the process system is negligible. In recent years, dust collectors with an on-line dedusting method have been widely used in various workplaces where welding fumes and dust are flying.

Second, off-line cleaning, ie off-line box spraying, refers to dividing the interior of the dust collector into a number of filter chambers. Separately, off-line valves, cylinders and electromagnetic pulse valves and other compressed air control systems are installed on the clean air chamber of each bag room. Before the filter chamber is used for pulse cleaning and blowing, the bag room is closed first through the off-line valve, so that the filter room is cleaned without smoke filtration, so the off-line cleaning effect is more thorough and on-line inspection is possible. The disadvantage is that: Increased off-line institutions, high cost, and dust removal have an impact on system smoke fluctuations. The off-line dedusting requires that the dust collector be designed as a multi-chamber combination to achieve chamber-by-room cleaning. When a filter room needs to be cleaned, the filter room is isolated from the main air flow, and the filter room is isolated by a valve provided at the air inlet or the air outlet. This process is maintained for about 2 to 3 minutes. As a result of this, the total filter area (or called the wool filter area) of the dust remover is reduced by the area of ​​the filter cloth in one chamber during each cleaning operation. The reduction in the total filter area also results in an effective filter area (or net filtration). The reduction in the area is obviously uneconomical and increases the investment in infrastructure, which is inconsistent with the wishes of the owners. In this respect, it is not as good as online cleaning. However, the isolation of the filter bag from the main airstream to clean the filter bag has a number of advantages in terms of technology: 1 The high-pressure pulsed air volume that passes through the filter bag does not have to be large enough for effective dust removal, and the required pressure is low. 2 The dust from the surface of the filter bag has enough time to fall into the ash bucket, and the chance of flying again is very small. 3 The frequency of cleaning decreased, and the filter bag life was extended. 4 The number of pulse valves is less, which can reduce the investment and maintenance workload once. 5 The amount of compressed air needed for cleaning is less, which saves energy. 6 The dust removal efficiency is high and the dust collector can maintain a low pressure drop. As a result, the operating cost of the dust removal system is reduced.

How to select online or offline cleaning should be considered comprehensively according to various aspects such as dust removal process and user conditions. For small dust collectors with low inlet dust concentration, online cleaning is generally adopted, and vice versa. The general design for large dust collectors is The off-line structure has two kinds of off-line and on-line ash-removing functions. When the operating conditions allow offline ash removal, it can be switched to on-line ash cleaning. However, the on-line or off-line ash removal does not affect the operation of the dedusting device.

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