The purchase of used cars is a very common phenomenon in the automotive industry. On the one hand, it is because second-hand cars have a price advantage that new cars cannot have. Another aspect is that many owners want to pick one thing and practice it before buying a new one.


What are some issues that need special attention when buying used cars?

First, since it is a used car, it is definitely cheaper than the new car. Therefore, if the price of a used car exceeds that of a new car, then there is absolutely no need for purchase. This requires understanding the market conditions before the purchase, to understand the price of the new car, and then draw conclusions through comparison.

Second, many car owners sell their cars because they have such problems or problems. Therefore, when buying used cars, we must carefully check the performance of the car and the quality of the various components. . Any link is very crucial. If you don't know much about this stuff yourself, you can ask a dedicated person to help you.


Third, it is best to buy used cars in some more formalized specialized stores. Because many places will involve the sale of used cars, in order to take into account many issues such as quality issues and late maintenance, we must consider the seller's reputation.

Fourth, we must fully understand the interior and exterior of the car when buying used cars. When many car owners sell their cars, all the components of the car are intact, but after they are sold to the manufacturers, they are replaced by the good components. Therefore, this point needs the attention of buyers of used cars.

There are many places where we need to pay attention to buying used cars. We must fully understand these details before buying. Absolutely you should not buy at random because you are greedy for a moment's low price. Be sure to shop around and think twice.

General Provisions
1.boat type floating mooring device for single point mooring equipment (hereinafter referred to as single point mooring), also can use multi point positioning system; semi submersible device use multi-point Mooring System for offshore mooring positioning.  
2.single point mooring device forms including but not limited to: internal turret single point mooring device, outer turret single point mooring device, single point Mooring Buoy catenary device, single anchor leg mooring buoy device of tower, soft yoke single point mooring system.  

3.floating positioning device of the mooring system design, construction and maintenance of certification and inspection agencies should comply with the norms and standards and / or use norms and standards.

Photo of our Mooring System:

Mooring System

Mooring System

Mooring System

position mooring system
mooring system can be divided into: (1) multi point mooring system; (2) single point mooring system in various forms, the mooring system can be divided into: a) no thruster assisted mooring system; and b) thruster assisted mooring system. (3) dynamic positioning system
mooring cable
By the combination of strength of mooring cable, fiber cable, anchor or mooring cable and above. The mooring cable can also be provided with an elastic float and / or weight. When the elastic mooring buoy and / or weight, you should consider the effect of the acceleration and the possible resonance effect.

Pre tension
When the floating device is determined by the mean shift, the size of the pre tension is allowed to adjust the tension distribution of the Mooring Rope. 4.2.4 thruster assisted mooring system

Thruster assisted mooring system
floating device is provided with a thruster, all or part of the net thrust effect can be considered in all design conditions. The effect depends on the thruster control system and design conditions. The thruster can be manual control or automatic control. 

Mooring design criteria

The 4.4.1 design of the mooring system should comply with the norms and standards of certification and inspection agencies and / or the specification and standard requirements:
(1) average deviation and the maximum offset; (2) mooring cable tension; (3) grip anchor system; (4) mooring cable fatigue life.

Mooring System

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