Monitoring and warning of crop pests and diseases is an important basis for plant protection work, and its important role is to guide scientific prevention and control of crop pests and diseases. In 1975, the first National Plant Protection Conference established the plant protection policy of “prevention-oriented, comprehensive prevention and control”, and defined the basic status of pest monitoring and early warning work in plant protection work.

With the advancement of science, experts have developed special software for pest warnings through many experiments. It is the infrastructure of the plant protection project, and is the basic communication platform for constructing an overall monitoring and early warning and control system for diseases and pests. It can comprehensively improve monitoring of pests and diseases. And control system information work level.

In order to implement the “Career First” campaign and improve the overall quality of the team, all regions of the country must do a good job in monitoring and early warning of major pests and diseases of crops, and successively convened major pest monitoring and early warning work conferences. The plant protection work includes the great role of monitoring and early warning of crop pests and diseases in promoting the rapid and steady development of agricultural production in the region, and profoundly analyzes the new situation and new tasks faced by the plant protection work.

In the monitoring work, strong quality, heavy management, and strive to do scientific monitoring guidance. The important role of monitoring and early warning in the prevention and mitigation of disasters and the important role of escorting in the development of agricultural production should be a profound analysis of the problems existing in monitoring and early warning of crop pests and diseases, and put forward the overall goals and priorities of monitoring and early warning work.

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