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According to a report released by Accenture, a world-renowned management consulting company, on January 29th, water resources played an important role in all stages of shale gas development. China has to take water resources as a crucial factor in the development of shale gas processes. Considerations.

According to the report, shale gas development consumes a lot of water resources, and a large amount of waste water will be generated during the operation process. If it is handled improperly, it will cause environmental pollution. From the U.S. experience, the amount of water required for drilling and fracturing is generally around 5 million gallons (18.927 million liters), which is equivalent to 1000 trucks of water, and the fracturing stage can use up to 90 percent of the total water. %. Due to its high population density, scarce water resources, uneven distribution and seasonal water shortages, China has to consider water resources management as an important factor in the development of shale gas.

At present, hydraulic fracturing is one of the core technologies for shale gas development. The water used in hydraulic fracturing mainly comes from surface water, groundwater, and municipal water supply. In the fracturing process, in addition to a large amount of water and sand, a small amount of chemical substances are injected to provide lubrication and sterilization. After fracturing, the previously injected fracturing fluid will flow back to the surface as wastewater, which in addition to containing previously injected chemical substances, also contains chemical substances in the formation and natural radioactive materials. If the concentration of these substances is higher than a certain standard, the wastewater needs to be transported to a designated place for disposal.

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