(A) Interpretation of the difference between GPS and GPRS

Is GPS and GPRS the same concept? It is understood that the two do not belong to a single technical category and cannot be compared at all.

According to reports, GPS means "Global Positioning System". It is a positioning technology used to confirm the latitude and longitude positions of objects. At least ten years, there will be no more advanced positioning technology than GPS. GPRS means “general packet radio data service”, which is just a data transmission method. It is used to transfer data groups, just like sending mobile phone short messages, without any positioning or anti-theft function. GPRS can be said to be a component in GPS, which functions as a data transmission for GPS technology applications.

(B) riders talk about car navigation GPS use

The changes in Shanghai are changing with each passing day, and urban construction is quicker. As long as a few months do not pass, it may be due to the change of lanes, the repair of the roads, and the inconvenience caused by the trips. One-way streets and two-way streets are always unclear to me. Places are wasting precious time for this. Friends said that I should have a satellite navigation system (GPS) with map data, easy operation, and intelligent voice guidance. Let's share with you my "Navigation Experience".

Driving out in the morning with the "it" on the road, the fuselage is a horizontal design, the interface of the map has also grown. After I set up my destination (China Merchants Bank Taixing Branch), the system began to help me automatically design the driving route. Just follow the planned route.

Start! I walked south along Chengdu Road, almost to the intersection of Weihai Road. The small thing immediately spoke - “Turn right in the front 200 meters.” I continued, and I immediately heard the sentence when I reached the intersection. ----"Please turn right". This voice prompt allows me to not have to keep a close eye on the traffic. It's really good. According to the voice prompts I smoothly stopped the car to do things, look at the table, yes, completely completed in the expected time.

See time is almost up to lunch time agreed with the customer, took out a notepad - lunch set in Xujiahui's old Shanghai station, a good place to go early to have a window by the sun position, enjoy the pleasant winter sunshine , but the roads there are not going well. The last time we passed around in a big circle. This time I need to navigate to help me plan my route. As expected, the smooth arrival of the old station in Shanghai has not yet arrived. Take out the machine and slowly play the function inside. First of all, I set my company, my wife's company, my mother-in-law’s family home as my personal map, and mark it on the map. No matter where I am in Shanghai, just click on this point to get one of the most Convenient route.

The end of the lunch with the customer was 2 pm, remembering that he had a half-day holiday today and agreed to have his wife watch a movie in the afternoon and then spend the wedding anniversary. After a phone call with her, she drove straight to Huaihai Road. Along the way, thinking about where to eat at night, accidentally missed the corner of the turn, you heard the "easy to go" hint you have missed the turn of the junction, please note that the new set of travel routes, this small thing is really quite clever.

At the destination, my wife and adults have not yet arrived. I am bored in the car and open the “easy-to-go” MP3 to listen to the song downloaded by myself. However, I can't compare it with my home audio system, but I can use it leisurely and the results are good. By the way, find a few restaurants nearby and wait for her to choose. Really convenient.

I'm used to it, but now I'm too lazy to think about where I am going. The task of “finding the way” has been completely given to the navigation. I don’t need to wait in the car for a long time to think about the best route. You don't have to worry about finding a way or meeting an unclear intersection. It's like having a portable secretary.

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