The integrated temperature transmitter does not need to be adjusted, but taking into account various factors in the use of the process, proper adjustment of the integrated temperature transmitter is very necessary.

According to the adjustment procedures of the temperature transmitter and other instruments, it is necessary to make periodic adjustments. In accordance with the following steps, check the instrument calibration error.

First open the instrument panel and click on the "Power of the image. The initial resistance adjustment box, the termination condition of the 100Ω input of the first circuit, the rest of the input short circuit cycles.

The second resistor is set to adjust the W12157.31Ω, so that 20mA output (2), adjust the potential 4mA output W11, step, until a good accuracy range, always repeat.

The third standard sheet resistance is output to 20mA and 4mA, so as the second cycle, adjust the next two adjustments to fit the full meter W22 on the second road, and the zero potentiometer W21, the short circuit must be input to the rest of the circuit.

The fourth standard resistance box repeats step 2 and obtains the third and fourth cycles.

Sows Trough

Pig Farming Equipmen Stainless Steel Trough for Sow on Farrowing Crate


Thickening tall back stainless steel trough for sow on farrowing crate,no feed slop over,anti-corrosion,no rust and easy to clean,long service life.


1. The sow feeder used ss 304 material, it will not rust.

2. Has smoothly surface.

3. Eay to Clean and Install.

4. It has long service life.

5. The feeder can be rotated, which make it easy to clean.

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