Plants can absorb oxygen through the photosynthesis of carbon dioxide, so people are seen as a major "freshener" of the air.

Due to the relatively closed interior space, people also like to put a few potted plants in the room to escort the air quality.

Of course, we also need to understand the corresponding knowledge when choosing plants. Not all plants are beneficial to the air.

Some plants will also have a certain impact on our health.

The love of plants is also a pursuit of health and environmental protection. For our living environment, environmental protection should be

Our basic requirements for it. In the decoration of new homes, we should choose some green, healthy, up to standard decoration materials. From

The source protects the environmental protection of the living environment. The core feature of the cloth seamless wall covering is super environmental protection.

The role of wall decoration, but it also has a certain amount of wall to prevent cracking, mildew and other protective wall effect.

In addition, in addition to environmental protection, another major requirement for home improvement is aesthetics. Potted plants lively with a variety of

Seamless wall coverings can present different decoration effects to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.

Potted and seamless wall cloth with a clever mix of renderings.

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