(Mg,Fe) 2 Fe 3+ [BO 3 ]O 2

Chemical composition B, Mg, Fe and Mg 2+ Fe 2+ between fully isomorphous ore, according to the content of Mg2 + can be divided into two subspecies: boron, magnesium, iron, magnesium and iron, boron and magnesium ore. Fe 3+ can be replaced by Al 3+ (≤11%).

[Crystal structure] orthorhombic system; 360 screenshot 20170722105525576 a 0 = 0.923 to 0.944 nm, b 0 = 0.302 to 0.307 nm, c 0 = 1.216 to 1.228 nm; Z = 4.

[Form] The crystal is long columnar, needle-shaped, fibrous, and hairy. It is a radial, fibrous, granular, dense block assembly.

[Physical properties] Dark green to black (the color becomes darker as the Fe content increases); the streaks are light black-green to black; the gloss is dim, the fibrous surface has a silky luster on the fresh surface; the opacity (the magnesium-containing is slightly transparent) ). No clerk. Hardness 5.5 to 6. The relative density is 3.6 to 4.7 (high Fe content and relative density increase). The powder is weakly magnetic.

[genesis and occurrence] The boron-magnesium iron ore in northeastern China is endogenous boron ore, which is produced in different degrees of serpentine petrochemical dolomitic marble or magnesium skarn, often with magnetite and sillimanite minerals. and symbiotic gold mica, olivine, magnesium, boron and magnesium stone. Under the influence of hydrothermal fluid, the boromagnesium iron ore changes to varying degrees, and its products are generally fibrous boehmite and magnetite.

[Identification features] The color, streaks are deep, and the relative density and hardness are relatively large. It burns in the air and turns red. Soluble in concentrated H 2 SO 4 , add a few drops of alcohol to heat slightly, and ignite the flame with fire to give a bright green color (B reaction).

[Main use] The mineral raw material for boron extraction.

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