Warm installation of heating As the currently accepted most comfortable and natural heating method, it has entered thousands of families. As we all know, the warming of the ground is slower, and heating must be turned on throughout the day to achieve more comfortable results. Some office workers cannot help but have such a question: What should be done if there is no family in the daytime and how warm the floor is? In fact, this is a wrong view.

First, the warm water supply water temperature as long as 40 °C on it, and it itself is not very gas consumption, relative to the radiator needs 75 °C water supply requirements, even if all-weather open than the radiator energy saving 30%. Some users will not choose to turn off the boiler during the day and they will choose to turn off the boiler. This practice is actually more gas-consuming. If the boiler is turned off, the wall-hung boiler will be placed high-grade for quick heating after work, which means that everything starts from scratch because of room temperature. Wall-mounted boilers set a large temperature difference, boilers need time to run, which not only does not save energy, but will also be more waste of gas and increase the time residents frozen, and there is a danger of boiler or cooling ends are frozen.

Secondly, for some large-sized users, floor heating can achieve room control. If the room is uninhabited for a long time, you can turn off the temperature controller and save more natural gas. For a small house, the floor area of ​​the heating coil is actually not very large. For example, a 110-meter house will only be equipped with a 70-degree floor heating coil and will not consume a lot of gas.

Third, for the comfort of home, not only consider its energy efficiency, but more importantly its use effect. Warm floor heating, warm foot cooling, healthy health; and its heat slowly and evenly distributed, very natural; In addition, warm water heating can also keep the indoor air is not dry, warm and pleasant, no air conditioning heating dry Feeling, warmth is now recognized as the most comfortable and natural heating equipment.

Nobody at home during the day, how to do to consume more gas, this problem has been plagued by many users. Its practically warm users do not have to worry about this problem at all, and even if it is turned on all day, it is more energy efficient than radiators or air conditioners (opening for half a day). In addition, if the home is not in the daytime, do not turn off the floor and warm it up at night. It will not only consume more gas, but also will not achieve good heating results.

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As for car washing in auto detailing shops, here are two types of cleaner: all purpose and soap&shampoo. Those can be worked with foam gun,foam cannon, or two Car Wash Buckets with Wash Mitt together 

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After car washing, on car paint, here still will use other cleaners to clean impurities on car car body, so will use  like scale remover , bug stain remover, rust remover,cement remover, iron powder remover etc.

Tar Remover Car

best bug remover for cars

cement remover

Those cleaners almost work with spray bottle.

Car Wash

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