It is reported that CSSC's Stealth Scientific Research Department's real-cavity cavitation observation test team has successfully completed a ship's twisted rudder ship's cavitation observation mission. The twisted rudder test obtained clear rudder bubble images from different angles, which provided an important basis for the verification and evaluation of the new rudder performance.
In the summer sea, the sun is like a fire. The test team of the air bubble observation team is in the hot sun and the high temperature. In the bottom of the cabin without air conditioning, it endures the sultry and pungent paint smell, and carefully records the hard-won valuable data. The test conditions need to be continuously operated under the large rudder angle, and the human body feels as much as the high sea conditions, but the testers still stick to their posts and ensure that all the test contents are successfully completed.
The real ship cavitation observation test technology is one of the new test technologies developed by the 72nd in recent years. So far, this technology has been used to complete the cavitation observation tasks of propellers, brackets and rudders of many types of real ships. Research in the field of ship cavitation provides important support.

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