1. Principle: When arranging the wellbore along the strike, it should be considered that the total transport capacity of the ore is small and the transportation cost is the lowest.
2. Transportation work: The product of ore weight and transportation distance, expressed in t·km. The position of the wellbore with the least transport capacity is at the midpoint of the equal amount of minerals on both sides. It has three situations:
(a) regular ore bodies; (b) irregular ore bodies; (c) irregularly dispersed ore bodies.
For regular ore bodies, if the flank is developed and the average distance is 1/2L, the transportation capacity is:
A side = Q × 1/2L = 1/2QL (7 - 1)

If the central wing is used for development, the ore transport distance on the left side of the wellbore is L/2, and the transport distance from the average to the midpoint is L/2×1/2=L/4; the transport distance on the right is the same as the left, ore ore. The total transportation function is:
A = (L / 4 × Q / 2) left + (L / 4 × Q / 2) right = 1/4 LQ (7 - 2)
Comparing (7-1) and (7-2), it can be proved that the well (硐) position deviates from the midpoint of the ore volume and the transportation work will increase. Therefore, the midpoint of the mine is the wellbore location with the least transport capacity.
The midpoint of the ore should meet the following requirements:
Q left = Q right (7-3)
For a single ore body, the ore body is regular in shape and equal in thickness, and the midpoint of the ore is one-half of the length of the ore body.
For irregular ore bodies, the ore bodies are divided into ore blocks, and the ore amount of each ore block is calculated separately, and the ore amount is projected onto the axis of the stage transportation lane. Then, starting from the two wings of the ore body, the ore amount of the ore block is added separately, and the midpoint of the ore amount can be obtained. The calculation method is as follows:
Q1+Q2+Q3+......=Q14+Q13+Q12+...... (7-4)  
For multi-orbits and dispersed ore bodies, the intersection of the transport roadway and the main transport roadway of each ore body (or mine section) is the ore center of the ore body (or mine section), and then use (7-4) The method calculates the midpoint of the ore. As shown in the figure, the ore quantities of the three ore blocks of Q15, Q16 and Q17 are simultaneously moved to the point Q7, and then the midpoint of the ore body is calculated by the formula (7-4) to determine the position of the well (硐) along the strike direction.

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