With the development of society, people's living standards have also been correspondingly improved. In addition to global warming, people are increasingly demanding air conditioners. Commercial air conditioners are no exception. If they stay at the level of manual calculation, only the screw The design cannot meet the needs of people in today's society.

In order to be able to design a screw with higher precision, it is necessary to use a computer with such powerful computing tools. Now, software development tools have been updated, and high-level programming languages ​​are emerging one after another. Languages ​​such as c have also developed rapidly in recent years. In the environment, the threading software of a screw compressor is not difficult to write.

At present, China's existing line design software has SCCAD, etc., but most of them are paid software. In order to help developers, this article introduces a type of screw design software for screw compressors written in C language.

In order to achieve the purpose of designing and calculating the profile, this software is developed by VisualStutio2010 development software, written by C high-level language, using a variety of algorithms to achieve data calculation, storage, rendering, drawing and other functions.

The working mode of the type 1 line design software is shown in the architecture diagram of the software architecture line design software.

Profile design software line calculation program block type line display block type line plus H tool calculation type line tool tooth profile display I 2D 3D simulation line design software architecture), male, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Master degree from East China Jiaotong University, bachelor's degree, mainly engaged in mechanical design, control program design and software programming. Screw compressor line design software mainly consists of profile calculation module, profile display module, profile machining tool calculation module, profile cutter tooth. The shape display module and the 2D 3D animation simulation of PROE.

The main body of the line design software is the design and calculation of the profile, and the other is an auxiliary function.

The calculation of the profile is mainly done by the calculation module.

The display module of the profile is mainly completed by the display module.

Two-dimensional three-dimensional simulation is mainly done by the simulation module.

a, a wide range of applications. This product is small in size and low in cost, and is suitable for design calculation of various types of wires, such as XSM type wire, vertical wire type, GHD type wire, and the like.

b, good performance. This product runs fast and has high accuracy.

c. High technology content. This product can realize the interaction between human and software, and can change the parameters at any time; it can import the profile of the company and design and modify it on the original basis, so that the performance is better.

d, the auxiliary effect is large. This product also has the calculation of the milling cutter coordinates of the profile machining, so that the self-designed profile has a special machining tool.

2 The class library data in the software is stored in the corresponding directory, so that the corresponding line can be displayed in the corresponding window through the read and write class and the graphic display class.

In software, it is inevitable to display the data graphically. In the whole graphic display class, the following process is mainly used: in this class library, the line equation of the yin and yang rotor is defined, and the contact equation is solved and the line is solved. The calculation of the machining cutter.

Among them, the solution of the yin and yang rotor type line contact equation, here, the author used the dichotomy, the specific flow chart is not.

In the whole design of the software, the read-write class is the center of the whole software, because all the calculated data points are stored in the installation directory through the text document, so the interaction with the text document becomes the software can run. The main factor, meanwhile, also provides data for subsequent calculations and machining of milling cutters.

In the software, whether the displayed line can be a centrally symmetric figure is mainly realized by the rotation class and the read/write class. Here, the first step is to rotate the calculated data point of the single tooth shape through the center of the circle. The angle of rotation is: 360 / the number of teeth defined by the designer. In this way, the tooth pattern display of the entire rotor can be displayed in the software. We set the storage path of the data, usually in the installation directory, but the designer can also modify the path according to his own preferences. Then, after the path is modified, the calling path of other related classes will change accordingly.

The dependency diagram of each class library in the software is as follows: the main interface in the software of each class in the software. b. Graphic display interface 4 Conclusion According to the current domestic screw compressor line design software is not much and the social background of charging, combined with VisualStudio With the superiority of 2010 and the practicality of C language, a screw compressor line design software was designed to help designers of screw compressors.

In this software, a large amount of data needs to be filtered, so there is a certain requirement for the running speed of the computer; at the same time, in the whole calculation process, the accuracy requirement of the data is generally kept to seven or eight decimal places, therefore, The correctness of the data is worth considering.

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