The traditional detection methods for pesticide residues in China are chromatographic analysis, immunoassay, and enzyme inhibition rate. In recent years, rapid detection cards, speedometers, and other pesticide residue detection methods developed based on the principle of inhibition of cholinesterase activity by organophosphorus pesticides have flourished in China, and have spread throughout production bases, farmers' markets, supermarkets, and supervisory agencies. Mainstream technology for rapid detection of pesticide residues. This study used a pesticide residue detector to detect seasonal pesticides and fruits from commercial farms and fruits in Hanshou, Hunan Province, in order to provide reference for the safe production and consumption of vegetables in the region, and to detect, analyze, and monitor the fruits and vegetables market.

The principle of pesticide residue detector is to use organic phosphorus and carbamate pesticides to inhibit the activity of cholinesterase. The inhibitory rate is positively related to the pesticide concentration. Under certain conditions, the enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of acetylcholine, and its hydrolysate reacts with the color developing agent to produce a yellow substance. The inhibition rate was calculated by measuring the change of absorbance with time at the center wavelength of 410 to 3 nm. According to the inhibition rate, whether or not the amount of pesticide in the sample exceeded the standard was determined. The pesticide residue rapid detection instrument is designed according to the national standard enzyme inhibition rate method, and can be used in conjunction with pesticide residue enzyme reagents to quickly detect the pesticide residues in the sample, mostly used in vegetables, fruits, food, tea and soil organic phosphorus and Rapid detection of carbamate pesticide residues.

The Pesticide Residue Tester uses pesticides to inhibit the cholinesterase activity and rapidly detects pesticide residues. It is an effective pesticide residue measurement method. The detection results of 10 kinds of vegetables and 3 kinds of fruits randomly selected from Hunan Hanshou Mulan Vegetable Market showed that among the 3 types of vegetables, the content of pesticide residues in leaf vegetables was significantly higher than that of other vegetables, and the residual content of potatoes in root vegetables was least. Among the fruits, citrus residues are relatively large, and there are fewer pesticides in apples and mangoes. The same sample, the different parts of the pesticide residue content is not the same, the peel residual pesticide content is higher than the pulp. Among all the tested samples, only the Chinese cabbage residue exceeded the standard, and the others did not exceed the standards.

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