Hyundai Yazun is a front-wheel-drive model limousine that has been in production since 1986 and represents a model for Korean luxury cars. Idol strength sent him.

Xiao Bian will introduce a 2011 2.4L tiptronic from the Guiyang Fengyuan used-car dealership, the distinguished version of the modern Yazun. Welcome to the shop to consult å“Ÿ è´­ è´­ è´­ è´­ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ å“Ÿ


Modern Yazun's superb appearance is an American large-size sedan. In terms of internal configuration, the comfortable equipment in mid- to high-end vehicles is not lacking. Yazun is generally suitable for those who like to buy affordable mid-to-high grades. Car buyers. The appearance reflects the exquisiteness and value of authority, self-confidence and modernity.


In the interior, the combination of lighter and deeper can visually increase the interior space to enhance the warmth of the car. With a large storage compartment throughout the body, the volume of 415 litres of luggage is very reasonable. The seats are comfortable, the sound effects are good, the joints and inlays of various parts on the car are neat and neat, and the buttons, steering wheel, and the buttons on the center console are all arranged in a reasonable manner. Not only are they easy to use, but the operation texture is also quite impressive.


In terms of power, 2.4L has a maximum horsepower of 180 horsepower and a peak torque of 231 Nm, and Bailey accelerates to 9.8 seconds. The 6-speed manual gearbox has a slight advantage over the Honda Accord.

Used modern Yazun detailed parameters see the table below


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