The bull rushing horse, in many people's eyes, is a very rare Supercar. They have reached the ultimate in mechanical performance. Also from Pagani in Italy, they only focus on the Hypercar in the cloud. In Pagani's opinion, the words "super" and "examination-level" are only worse than the true level of performance. It is even more necessary to stay in the artistic expression.

As early as 2011, I had a lunch with Mr. Pagani in Hong Kong and talked about the story of Pagani. Compared to talking about cars, Mr. Pagani prefers to talk about artistic topics such as painting, classical architecture and the glory of the Renaissance. It was a little unexpected because Mr. Pagani was born in Argentina, but it is also reasonable because in Mr. Pagani's philosophy of making cars, "art" takes a very important position. Italy is the perfect place to carry his design dream.

“Pagani is first a work of art.” Of course, Mr. Pagani is equally obsessed with the car, but also because of the love of art, he is more willing to regard each Pagani as a carefully carved work, very cautious about the car. He went out three times during the interview, just to clean his car, just as he took care of the museum's collection.

If we look at Pagani with a secular vision, we all know that it is better than a bully ox, but this is by no means the whole of Pagani, because art is the most important plot in the heart of this Italian brand.

If you disagree with the above statement, when you walk in Florence and walk in Rome, when you are only one wall away from the master's original, you will understand the plot and persistence of people living there.

Not long ago, we were given the opportunity to chat with the Pagani brand. In the first phase of Wu Pei's “Dialog” column, we invited Mr. Alberto, Pagani’s global sales director, in Shenzhen to talk to us about a real Pagani.

A: Mr. Alberto, Global Sales Director, Pagani

Q: Pagani only plays with Hypercar. The purchasing power of various SCCs in China cannot be underestimated. How is Pagani playing in 2016 in Greater China?

A: China is the most rapidly emerging emerging market for luxury goods consumption. Pagani is the top art and luxury item in the automotive industry. China occupies 25% of the global market share of Pagani. This year, Pagani is currently conducting a Shanghai-Chongqing-Chengdu-Guangzhou-Shenzhen parade in China, and will also hold an event in Shanghai with its partner Pirelli to try to make more people aware of Pagani's culture and feelings.

Q: Has Pagani considered increasing production capacity in the future? Will you launch an "entry-level" super run like 488 or Huracan?

A: We have an annual production capacity of about 40 units. New products are often fully ordered before release. We will try our best to improve our production capacity. However, in terms of products, we value the feeling and ingenuity of handcraft quality. We do not plan to expand our product line.

Q: Shenzhen is the earliest special economic zone in China. The car culture is also mature. There are also many things. Will Pagani build a distribution network in Shenzhen?

A: The market in Shenzhen is indeed very large. However, we currently have a Pagani flagship store in Hong Kong. It is very convenient for Shenzhen to go to Hong Kong, so we will not consider opening another one in Shenzhen. For after-sales, the engine is based on the Mercedes-Benz AMG series of engines, so you can go to authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers for engine maintenance.

Q: How to ensure the quality consistency of after-sales maintenance? Artwork under Pagani's door is always good!

A: We have very high requirements for after-sales technicians. Most of them are people we dug out of Yuemabu Bull. We must go through the system after-sales training of Pagani before we finish the business. The quality of Pagani's after-sales service is good.

Q: I've heard that Pagani has a slight buzzword among Chinese players, mainly referring to waiting for the car, after-sale, etc. What do you think?

A: In Europe and the United States, Pagani's customers usually own more than two Pagani cars. In China, our customer base is divided into two types: young people and playing cars. Young people often flew to Italy to set a car, and they were also anxious to wait for the car. The old gunners were more likely to collect the Pagani's car as a work of art and to be more patient with waiting time for the car.

Q: Compared with 918, LaFerrari and McLaren P1, Pagani feels less sophisticated, especially electronic technology. How to evaluate?

A: Everyone follows the trend in developing and manufacturing hybrid systems. But just as Ferrari’s director at the Geneva Motor Show last month said, “Farari will never consider making hybrid cars anymore,” Pagani concentrates on manufacturing the ultimate machinery for owners. artwork. Do you prefer to have a sexy voice like Pagani or a silent electric car on the beach on a sunny weekend?

Q: Do you think Pagani is a sports car or an artwork? Which property is higher?

A: It may be that Pagani is not surprised by the number of people. However, we pay more attention to the balance between performance and design. Linear acceleration is only for beginners, and the overall performance of the track is the focus. For the design, Pagani provides customers with the ultimate solution. The new carbon fiber is much stronger than the old ones. The process of the dashboard is based on the Rolex process. Take a look at the Zonda, which is almost 30 years old, and even if it is put today, it is absolutely sexy art!

Q: Will Pagani release new cars this year?

A: Pagani will release a new car at the end of this year. Please stay tuned for details.

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