Some movements require a certain amount of speed, just like machine tools, but today we can use rail systems to make machine speeds faster.

The new rail system allows the machine to achieve a rapid feed rate. With the same spindle speed, fast feed is the hallmark of linear guides. Linear guides Like flat guides, there are two basic components; one is the fixed element that serves as the guide and the other is the moving element.

As linear guides are standard components, they are for machine tool manufacturers. The only thing to do is to machine the parallelism between the plane of a mounting rail and the calibration rail. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, a small amount of scraping of the bed or column is essential, and in most cases, the installation is relatively simple.

Compared with the plane rail, the geometric shape of the linear rail cross section is more complex than the plane rail. The reason for the complexity is that the groove needs to be machined to facilitate the movement of the sliding element. The shape and quantity of the groove depend on the machine tool to be completed. The function.

The linear guide can be understood as a kind of rolling guide, which is an infinite scrolling cycle between the slider and the guide rail by the steel ball, so that the load platform can easily and linearly move along the guide rail with high precision, and the friction coefficient can be reduced to the normal conventional guide guide. One-fifth of the lead can easily achieve high positioning accuracy.

The design of the terminal unit between the slider and the guide rail enables the linear guide rail to simultaneously bear the loads in all directions such as up, down, left, right, etc. The patented reflow system and the simplified structure design allow the HIWIN linear guide to have smoother and lower noise movement.

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Anode plate machine

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