Fly ash dryer has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable performance, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, large output, easy operation, energy saving and consumption reduction. It also creates objective economic benefits.

Measures for Energy Saving and Consumption Reducing of Fly Ash Dryer

1. Select the inverter. The frequency converter is an important equipment of the wind turbine. Choosing the right frequency converter can save a great deal of energy. As we all know, the fans that are used in dryers are generally large and often run continuously. However, it is necessary to know that the air volume required for all stages of drying the material is different. After the frequency converter is used, the fan speed can be artificially controlled, and the saved electric energy can reach 30%. Therefore, the choice of frequency converter is the first step in energy saving measures.

2. Design the hot air distributor. The hot air distributor is an important device in the dryer as a whole. All the hot air must contact with the wet material must be distributed by the hot air distributor. The perfect hot air distributor can perfectly put the hot air into the cylinder and contact the wet material, which has a direct effect on the drying degree of the material, so that the material can achieve the desired effect and reduce unnecessary losses.

3. Recycle cooling water. Most of the dryer's cooling water is used in fans and pumps. The cooling water in these two places can be completely recycled, which can save a lot of water resources. Therefore, it is also very important to establish a complete water circulation system.

4. Select heat source. A dryer is a device that uses heat energy to dry a material, so choosing a good heat source plays an important role. The heat sources can be broadly divided into electric heaters, gas burners, fuel burners, coal burners and the like.

5. The overall thermal insulation of the fly ash dryer barrel. The working principle of the dryer is to send hot air and materials into the cylinder body, and perform heat exchange inside the cylinder body so as to achieve the purpose of drying the material. From the working principle we can see the importance of the overall insulation of the dryer cylinder. After the insulation work is done well, it can greatly reduce the loss of heat, and even reduce the heat loss to zero, which indirectly reduces the energy consumption.

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