Based on the needs of the market ceiling flat panel industry, our company has developed a high-efficiency and high-precision aluminum profile angle cutting equipment for cutting 45 degree angles of aluminum profiles.
Double-pole aluminum angle cutting machine, can cut out two 45-degree angles at a time, accurate angle, automatic pressing and cutting, fast speed, suitable for aluminum frame products cutting material, such as picture frame, ultra-thin light box, scattered flow Frame, ceiling plate light box, aluminum solar panel, furniture cabinet edge and other industries.
Features: 1. Only need to step on the switch to automatically press the material, automatic sawing, that is safe and easy 2. Push the oil type feed into the knife, the cutting speed is stable 3. At the same time, automatic atomization and fuel injection to achieve cold The role of the lubricating saw blade ensures that the saw blade does not stick to the aluminum chips and the saw blade is sharp. 4. The two saw blades are driven by their own motors. They have high rotation speed and strong cutting force. 5. Two sets of pressing devices are adopted for the upper pressing material and the lateral pressing material. The material is pressed and fixed, the pressure of the material can be adjusted to prevent the material from being compressed and deformed. 6. There are special loading and unloading racks installed on the left and right ends of the machine table. The outfeed rack is equipped with a positioning block to facilitate size cutting (the conveying table is Iron plate platform) 7. Double saw sawing at the same time, can cut out two available 45 degree angles at a time, high-efficient and accurate splicing gap.

The function of the Fuel System:

The function of the fuel system is to supply the car engine parts with a certain amount of clean and atomized gasoline, which can be mixed with a certain amount of air to form a combustible mixture according to the need of engine running condition. At the same time, the fuel system also needs to store a significant amount of petrol to ensure that the car has a considerable distance to continue driving mileage.

The main auto parts and functions of fuel system:

The fuel system also includes electronically controlled petrol injection systems, fuel supply systems (petrol tanks, petrol filters, petrol pumps, oil and gas separators, tubing and fuel gauges, and other ancillary devices).

Fuel System

Fuel System

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