During the operation of the high-altitude vehicle engine, high-pressure unburned gases, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, causing wear of the components and the wear thereof. Metal powder is mixed together to form sludge.

A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil and when it equates to a large amount, it will precipitate out of the oil, clogging the filter and the oil hole, causing the engine to be difficult to lubricate, thereby aggravating the wear of the engine. In addition, oxidation of the engine oil at high temperatures generates film and coke. Bonded to the piston, so that the engine oil consumption increases, the power drop, so that the piston ring stuck and pulling cylinder.

The manufacturer of high-altitude trucks reminds: To reduce the production of sludge, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, so it is recommended that the owners of the aerial vehicles should try their best to refuel at the correct gas station. In addition, the use of quality lubricants and in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements The maintenance cycle is also crucial for the replacement of lubricants and oil filters. In addition, please check your own car's oil level frequently.

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