A few days ago, a card friend asked me: “My car and my companions are all Foton Ruiwo series 310 horsepower dump trucks , gearboxes are also the same as 10JSD160, U-shaped boxes are also carried. However, we recently dug together a building Slot, my car can be very easy to open up a steep slope in the second gear, his car is difficult to open a file.Running highway heavy vehicle speed gap is not big, empty cars faster than I also save fuel, more than 20 kilometers Why is it that the difference in energy costs ten dollars?"

Although the two cardmates seem to use the same powertrain, their car experience is completely different. The problem lies in the often overlooked rear axle. Two different rear axles result in two vehicles with very different dynamic performance and fuel consumption performance. What is the mystery of the rear axle of the dump truck? What should be noticed when buying a car?

Dump Truck Drive Bridge Dump Truck Drive Bridge

The dump truck is basically the rear wheel as the driving wheel, so the “rear axle” mentioned in the text refers to the driving axle. General vehicles will have a main reducer, which acts as a deceleration and increasing torque. Due to the fact that dump trucks usually have a relatively large payload, there are decelerators on the drive axle. This can be classified by this structure. General central single-stage deceleration drive axle, central double-level deceleration drive axle and wheel edge deceleration axle and so on. As the name implies, a double-speed reduction bridge has one more speed reducer than a single-stage speed reduction bridge, so its deceleration effect is better and its bearing capacity is stronger. However, we often see single-stage reduction bridges on ordinary dump trucks and heavy-duty trucks, because its simple bearing capacity is sufficient. It is generally not necessary to consider the wheel-reduction bridge oil fields, construction sites, mines and other special vehicles.

Dump Truck Final Drive Dump Truck Final Drive

Different drive axles are not the same in the form of reducer and the size of the gear structure, which leads to different speed ratios. What is the impact of the speed ratio on the cargo carrying capacity? Generally, a small speed ratio is the same as if you drove up to five gears and you have a small cargo capacity, but it is faster and more fuel efficient. The large speed ratio is equivalent to a file, the power is more suitable for load, but the speed is low, the fuel consumption is relatively high. The two cardmates mentioned at the beginning of the article use a drive axle with a speed ratio of 5.92 and a drive axle with a speed ratio of 5.26, so the performance under the same engine transmission architecture is completely different.

After understanding the speed ratio, another card friend will ask: Why are the two drive axles with the same speed ratio, bearing capacity and price are not the same? Here we will talk about the axle shell manufacturing process.

Dump Truck Drive Axle Housing Dump Truck Drive Axle Housing

The drive axle housing is both a load-bearing part and a force-transmitting part. At present, we can contact the bridge shell is divided into two kinds of process methods, one is the casting bridge shell, one is the red bridge. Due to the large rigidity of the integrally cast axle housing, the advantages of strong bearing capacity and low cost are widely used in heavy trucks. The heavy dump trucks we often come into contact with are all cast rear axles.

The bridge is a rapid development of bridge shell in recent decades. It consists of steel plate stamping and then welding assembly. It has the characteristics of clean appearance, lighter weight than the cast bridge, often used in light trucks, but the pressure bearing capacity Relative to the casting type is worse. However, in the future when the technology is advanced and lightweight is the mainstream, the welded bridge shell is likely to replace the cast axle housing.

Heavy dump truck Heavy dump truck

I believe that after reading the article, everyone had a simple understanding of the rear axle of the dump truck. It is a simple analogy. The cast rear axle with large speed ratio is large, has great strength and eats much, but it runs slow. The small-footprint, late-blowing, rear axle is small, has little strength, and eats less, but it runs faster. Remember these characteristics, so that in the future when choosing a car to buy a car, everyone can choose the form, material, and reduction ratio of the drive axle according to their own needs, and choose a car that best meets their conditions of use.


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