Are the lithium battery iPhones completely discharged?

Nowadays, the mobile phone uses lithium batteries. The advantage of the lithium battery is that it can be used with the charger. There is no need to worry about the memory effect of the traditional battery to reduce the battery capacity and affect the service life. It has also been found that lithium batteries are still becoming less and less useful.

Netizen @iPhone Channel recently posted a microblog, said a secret to improve the life of the iPhone battery: the battery at least completely exhausted power once a month. We also saw a similar reminder on the iPhone battery doctor software: If you want to properly maintain the lithium battery, you must occasionally keep the electronic flow, to ensure that at least one charge cycle per month.

The so-called charging cycle, that is, after a charging cycle, that is, charging to 100%, and then completely exhausted, this is the same as Weibo said. So, does the iPhone battery really need to be fully charged and discharged?

"The iPhone uses a smart lithium battery, which is different from an ordinary lithium battery. It has self-learning ability." Yu Xiaoping, an engineer at the Nandu Lithium Battery Application Engineering Institute, said that when using a mobile phone, the smart battery records the battery capacity and plugs in the charger. After that, the charger reads the charge and discharge parameters in the battery, and then adjusts the charge and discharge current according to the parameters, which plays a good role in protecting the battery.

Yu Xiaoping said that now, in addition to the iPhone, HTC and other branded mobile phones are also smart lithium batteries, although it can protect the battery, but it also has drawbacks.

"If the mobile phone battery is half-filled for a long time, the calculation of the capacity of the smart lithium battery will cause errors and will become larger and larger as time goes by." Yu Xiaoping engineer, for example, if the mobile phone battery actually has electricity, but due to capacity calculation The error is calculated, there is no electricity, the battery stops discharging, and the mobile phone cannot be used. “At this point, it takes a charge cycle to eliminate the error.”

Yu Xiaoping said that the time interval between the full charge and discharge of the smart battery should not be too short, and once or two or three months is enough. The ordinary lithium battery does not have a self-learning function, and does not calculate the battery capacity, so that it does not need to be fully charged and discharged. "However, if the phone is not used for half a year, regardless of whether the battery is smart, it is best to fully charge and discharge it before use to activate the battery."

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