Vacuum light special equipment analysis
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Chin, Cu and Pb belong to the group WB metals. They are active at high temperatures and are easily contaminated by the refractory materials they come into contact with. They are more easily combined with carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. These substances can be diffused into the interior through the porous oxide film to form a high hardness, high brittle oxygen-containing pollution layer, which can promote surface cracks and extend into the matrix during use, resulting in damage. Therefore, the material heating and annealing process must be performed in a vacuum environment.

The horizontal semi-continuous vacuum annealing furnace developed by our company is a special equipment used for the stress and stress annealing of the pipe and bar during the rolling process and the vacuum of the finished product. The equipment is a three-chamber structure with a total length of 70m. , is the longest heat treatment equipment in China and even Asia in similar products. The equipment has a reasonable design and novel structure and a high level of control automation. It is a high-quality, low-energy-consumption, non-polluting, and high-efficiency heat treatment equipment and is at the leading domestic level.

The charge enters the cooling chamber from the material stage and is evacuated. After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, it enters the heating chamber via the cooling chamber, where it is heated and heat-retained and then it is returned to the cooling chamber after being cooled. After cooling, it is sent to the material platform. A working cycle. The process adopts two-way feeding and discharging, that is, left-in and left-out, right-in and right-out, and semi-continuous work. The material rack enters the cooling chamber from the material table and is pushed and pulled by chain transmission. From the cooling chamber to the heating chamber, the push-pull action is completed seven times in a gear-toothed manner.

This equipment is a large-scale electromechanical integration equipment and uses an external heat-type horizontal structure. Mainly by the heating chamber, heating furnace, left and right cooling chamber, left and right transition sections, vacuum gate valve, left and right material table, material rack, platform truck, vacuum unit, refrigeration unit, gas supply system, cooling circulating water system, electrical control system, computer control System and other components. The entire equipment is centered on the heating chamber and symmetrically symmetrical. The thermal expansion compensation of the heating chamber and the reliability of the transmission system are the focus of the design process. The dozens of meters of rail plates ensure that they are on the same horizontal plane, and the smooth operation of the workpiece is a problem that should be considered in the manufacturing process. .

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