Advertising vehicles are the accompanying products after the rise of the LED industry. It is a new type of communication media that combines organic integration of automobiles and large LED displays, three-dimensional video animation, rich and varied content, real-time display of graphic and text information, and mobile advertising.
Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, draft events, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. Live demonstration, communication, and interaction can be conducted, and a wide range of publicity can effectively achieve the greatest effect of advertising communication.
The structure of LED advertising vehicles generally consists of five parts. Including large screen system, power supply system, hydraulic system (some parts), operating system, car chassis. Power supply generally uses industrial 380V electricity, or its own generator power supply.
First, combining leisure, entertainment, and advertising as a whole, the appearance is beautiful, the shape is unique, and the picture is clear. It can attract the attention of the audience to the utmost and create great benefits for enterprises. With its high reach ratio, it has greatly promoted the intangible awareness of advertising audiences on products and brands, and strengthened the city’s public attention to merchant products and corporate brands.
Second, the LED display screen background and curtain used in traditional activities need time to build and disassemble. The LED advertising car does not need to be built, convenient and quick, so it is not limited by time and space; it can stop feasible, free choice of mobile or fixed advertising audience; lift rotation, free positioning outdoor video release angle and height. Follow target-locked target consumers, reach out from zero distances, and focus on rapid progress.
Third, get rid of the constraints of geographical environment and urban area restrictions, according to the needs of customers can be back and forth throughout the day in fixed lines and non-fixed lines, with strong mobility, a wide range of features. At the same time, it conforms to the public's habits of behavior and appreciation standards in a very humane manner, and brings seamless communication benefits to the various sections of the crowd where people stroll, walk and stop. Consumers are inadvertently involved in strong brand promotion activities.
Fourth, the visual effect is good, the screen uses the most popular LED color screen, brilliant color, full three-dimensional, with a strong visual impact. This unique form of its own is very easy to attract public attention.
Fifth, the unique shape of the city landscape show: Colorful, slippery screen is dazzling, while its unique shape has become a highlight of the city and regional landscape, effectively attracting the crowd of people eye. In Haixi, a place that advocates leisure and entertainment and enjoys fashionable life, it is bound to detonate the hurricane of outdoor video advertising to bring unexpected publicity to the majority of businesses and companies.

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