1 "Sanshui" and "Three Oils" must not be less

"High-altitude truck Sanshui" refers to tank water, battery water, and glass (wiper) water. "Three oils" refers to oil, transmission oil, and brake oil. Expert recruits: You can start with the most basic, such as learn to check the engine oil, which is the most routine and simplest check. After the engine stalls for three minutes, the oil dipstick can be wiped clean and the dipstick can be inserted into position. At this time, remove the oil dipstick and look at the oil level, as long as the oil is between “F” or “L”. The brakes and brake fluids are relatively complicated to check, and you can feel whether the sound of the hand brakes is normal.

As for the "Sanshui" inspection, which is relatively simple, you can see the glass water pipe by opening the hood, and there is no problem if you see the water level. The water tank and battery water are relatively complicated, and the water level of the sub tank is generally between Full and Low. Of course, if there is any leakage, it is necessary to focus on the observation. If the water tank is broken, there will be splashes of water in the course of driving. You can see water traces underneath the car. But the most critical thing is to look at the water temperature gauge. If the water tank is broken, it will be reflected in the water temperature table first.

2, read "dark words" on the instrument panel, warning lights all important

The dashboard of the aerial vehicle includes the engine tachometer, the speedometer, the odometer, the fuel gauge, the water temperature gauge, the fuel consumption of 100 km, and various fault indications. From the high-altitude vehicle dashboard, it can be understood whether the vehicle has a certain fault, and problems can be discovered and repaired in time.

Experts recruiting tricks: After reading the word "light language" and then on the road, the car will be more relaxed, so reading "dashboard" is a required course for every female owner. If the dashboard lights up with a yellow fault light, it means that the car has a fault, but the vehicle can still be used. It can drive for a certain number of kilometers in a safe mode. In such a situation, the aerial work vehicle mainly contacts the repair shop in time. . If the red light on the instrument panel is on, and you want to park your car in a safe place, do not start the vehicle. You can call the service station to send someone to repair it.

3, tires do not change, take a coin to test

Actively inspecting the tires of high-altitude vehicles sometimes does not know when the tires must be replaced. If problems arise, they are at a loss. In fact, tires are as important to human safety as driving shoes, and they must be prevented as soon as possible.

Expert tricks: Usually you can check your tires yourself, such as using a 1 dollar coin to “trace” the tread pattern. The degree of wear of the tread pattern reflects the degree of wear of the tire. When the pattern of the tread is shallower than 1.6 mm, the tire must be replaced. A 1 dollar coin can be embedded in the pattern. If you can also see the dotted circle on the front side of the coin, the tire must be replaced. If there is abnormal protrusion or wear on the tread, it is necessary to go to the maintenance point for testing.

4, Battery "strikes" have precursors, more than two years need to pay attention

When the parking stall occurs, forgetting to turn off the interior lighting, after the battery has been consumed for one night, it may not be able to start up at all times.

Expert recruits: generally near the end of the life of the battery, the owner can feel in the driving, such as the car parked for a few days and found no fire, fuel consumption increased in the summer air conditioning driving feeling increased car burden, the car Shen obvious. There are also headlights darker than usual, the speaker volume is small or even not sound. As long as one or two of the above conditions occur, you should consider whether the battery life is dead. The average battery life cycle is from two years to three years. When the time reaches two years, when the aerial vehicle is routinely maintained, it should pay attention to the detection of the battery. Should avoid turning off the lights or listening to the radio for a long time under the condition of engine stalling, conduct safety inspections before long-distance travel, and avoid unnecessary difficulties as long as a good car habit is developed. If you build a galvanic flask, you can check that the battery water level is between UPPER (upper limit) and LOWER (lower limit). When the liquid level is insufficient, it should be added in time.

5, "kill" the steering wheel, do not exceed 10 seconds

Many high-altitude vehicle owners do not “feel” the parking, and parking at each time is very slow. When they drive on the road to turn around, they are also used to turning slowly. If the steering wheel is kept in a state of exhaustion for a long time and frequently, it will affect the direction of the life of the hydraulic system. In severe cases, it will lead to oil leakage.

  Experts recruited to prevent oil spills from the power-assist system. Every time the aerial vehicle owner “kills” the steering wheel, it is best not to exceed 10 seconds. In addition, if the vehicle is running at a speed higher than mid-speed, the chassis has a periodic sound, the cab and door tremble when severe, and the steering wheel vibrates strongly until the hand is numbed because the dynamic balance of the directional drive is destroyed. If the steering is heavy, it may be due to improper front wheel toe adjustment, front car or frame bending, deformation; it may also be tire pressure, especially the front tires.

If the steering wheel is difficult to handle, the direction of the vehicle is automatically biased toward the side of the road when driving or braking. In order to ensure straight-line driving, the steering wheel must be firmly grasped. It may be that the specifications of the front wheels on both sides or the air pressure are inconsistent or that the wheelbases on the left and right sides are different from each other. When the vehicle reaches a certain high speed, the steering wheel trembles or shakes, which may be caused by the shimming of the tire or the repair of the tire, the balance of the front wheel assembly being damaged, or the dynamic balance of the drive shaft assembly being destroyed. When the steering wheel shows these symptoms, it should be timely and targeted maintenance.

Three Way Ball Valve T-and L-type. T-3 orthogonal channels allow each other to cut off China Unicom and the third channel, from triage, the role of collusion. L-type can only connect the two orthogonal channels, while maintaining the third can not be inter-connected channels, only a distribution function

Features :

1, three Ball Valve used in the structural integration of the structure, 4 of the sealing valve seat surface type, small flange connection, high reliability and a lightweight design

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  • High flow full port valve
  • Balanced 4-seat construction
  • Simple pneumatic actuation
  • Dual piston rack and pinion quarter turn actuator
  • Double acting and spring return
  • actuators
  • ISO/Namur/VDI/VDE interfaces for accessories
  • Suitable for outdoor, hazardous locations, and certain washdown environments
  • Suitable for range of fluids and inert gase


Size:2″ ~ 48″

Rating:ANSI 150lb ~ 2500lb

Basic Design: API 6D;

Test: API 6D, BS 6755, API 607, API 6FA

Body Materials:Forged carbon steel,stainless steel;

Trim: A105+ENP, 13Cr, F304, F316;

Operation:Handwheel, Gear, Motor, Pneumatic operator

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