On the morning of August 26, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a service agency agreement with Junyu Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. at its headquarters to jointly develop the Hong Kong bus market. According to the agreement, Yuchai authorized Junyu Engineering to provide Yuchai products in Hong Kong's Three Guarantees repair service business and provide training and technical support for them. The signing of the agreement will effectively promote the sales of the Yuchai brand engine.
Yuchai is China's largest diesel engine production base, and its production and sales volume ranks first in the country for eight consecutive years. In the past three years, Yuchai has established the business philosophy of “excellent quality and international Yuchai” and vigorously built overseas markets, and determined to build itself into a large multinational enterprise group.
Jun Yu Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is composed of people with extensive experience in car sales promotion and car repair services. It has a very high reputation in the commercial vehicle industry in Hong Kong. Its principal, Mr. Huang Shengping, has more than 35 years of automotive repair service experience and extensive management experience. He has served as the general manager of the maintenance department of the Jianing Group, Hong Kong’s largest transport organization. Mr. Huang Shengping believes that Yuchai Engine enjoys a good reputation in the country and has high reliability. It has performed quite well in the passenger car market, and its reputation has been transferred to the Hong Kong market.
The Hong Kong market adopts EU certification. Many overseas markets, including Southeast Asia, consider the use of vehicles in the Hong Kong market and consider choosing products. Yuchai has obtained EU certification and has made the most important basic preparation for entering the Hong Kong market. In the future, if Yuchai’s products can perform well in the Hong Kong market, it will have a radiation impact on other overseas markets and contribute to the advancement of Yuchai’s overseas market strategy.
Domestic buses have officially entered the Hong Kong market since 2004 and have so far sold about 450 vehicles, accounting for about 10% of the 30 or more large passenger car markets. It can be seen that domestic passenger cars have begun to be accepted by the Hong Kong market and the market base has been formed. At present, Yuchai has already entered the Hong Kong market with small-batch Euro 3 engines, and the Yuchai Euro 4 engine will be carried on a domestic passenger car and will soon enter the Hong Kong market. Yuchai sales personnel said that if this kind of car performs well, then Yuchai will realize the mass production of Euro 4 engines. Yuchai’s service cooperation with Junyu Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly to prepare for after-sales service before its engine enters the Hong Kong market in batches, so that the customer has no worries. This is exactly what “the troops and horses have not moved, and the food and grass first”. Mr. Huang Shengping stated that Chun Yu Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. can also exert its own advantages to promote Yuchai products to the end user groups and enhance the user group's confidence in Yuchai.

Standing Seam aluminum roof panel roll forming machine for India market is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on steel sheet. It adopts Pre-painted, galvanized, or aluminum steel sheet as the raw material, decoiler, feeding and leveling machine, main roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting to the size and specification according to customer's requirements, and output the finished panels. This machine adopts PLC control, AC frequency and adjusting the speed technology, and it realizes the continuous automatically production, therefore, it is really a new type of energy-saving and high-effective producing equipment for steel structure. 


Raw material Pre-painted coils, Galvanized coils, Aluminum coils
Material thickness range 0.2-1mm
Rollers 12-20 rows
Material of rollers 45# steel with chromed
Shaft diameter and material 70mm, material is 40 Cr
Forming speed 10-15m/min
Material of cutter blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 58-62℃
Main motor power 4KW
Hydraulic motor power 3KW
Voltage 380V/3Phase/5Hz
Total weight about 3 tons
Controlling system PLC

Working process:

working process

Decoiler - Feeding guide - Main roll forming machine - PLC control system - Hydraulic cutting - Receiving table

Pictures for machine:

standing seam

YX51-380-760 standing seam

YX40-300.305.400.500 standing seam

Standing seam Standing seam

standing seam

Training and Installation :
1. We offer installation service local in paid, reasonable charge. 
2. QT test is welcome and professional.
3. manual and using guide is optional if no visiting and no installation. 

Certification and after service:

1. Match the technology standard, ISO producing certification 
2. CE certification 
3. 12 months warranty since the delivery. Board. 

Our advantage:

1. Short delivery period. 
2. Effective communication 
3. Interface customized. 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

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