r is the distance between the center of the centrifuge shaft and the inner wall of the bottom of the centrifuge tube; rpm (revolution per
Minute) is the number of revolutions per minute of the centrifuge; RCF (relative eentrifugal
The relative centrifugal force, expressed as a multiple of gravitational acceleration, is generally expressed as g.

Using the table below, known centrifuges r and g can determine rpm; conversely, r and rpm are known, and g can also be determined. For example, take the known r radius value on the r scale and the known relative centrifugal force value on the g scale. The intersection point of the line between the two points is the rpm at the intersection of the rpm scale.

Note that if the known g value is to the right of the g scale, the right value of the rpm scale should be read, otherwise it is reversed. g and rpm can also be converted by the following formula:

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