RVs are part of people's leisure travel in the United States and Europe. Compared with foreign countries, most RVs in China are still an unknown concept, and they have only grown in recent years. In China, the operation of RVs is also at the conceptual stage and the market has not yet fully opened up. However, the tourism mode of the RV has emerged, and it has also attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. It can meet people's requirements for convenience, economy and other aspects of transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. during leisure travel activities. Here is a description of the most expensive RV - off-road RV, we all open their eyes.


The MAN brand is believed to be unfamiliar to many people because it is not a passenger car brand. In fact, MAN is among the world's top 500 heavy-duty truck manufacturing companies. MAN's heavy trucks are regarded as the king of trucks. However, the king of trucks now perfectly combines the RV with the truck. From the wheelbase and the length of the car, it can be seen that it is overbearing, but the superior off-road performance does not allow the long body to limit its action. There are many uses for off-road RVs. The huge size makes it capable of carrying off-road vehicles such as off-road motorcycles. It is very convenient. No matter it is a desert or a rock, it cannot stop it. Galloping desert, conquering the grasslands, displaying wildness. All cars use Michelin's exclusive off-road truck tires. The large patterns on the tires provide better drainage and drainage than ordinary tires. The tires look very large. The whole car body adopts 6CM fiberglass sandwich composite board, which is not aging, light in material, corrosion-resistant and flexible. The whole vehicle is insulated and heat-insulated. The interior is equipped with a high-calorie heating system and high-quality refrigeration and air conditioning. It can withstand extreme temperatures of -45°C-50°C, and all the oil and water routes are protected against freezing. 800 liters large fuel tank, life can reach 2500 kilometers. Automatic tire inflation and deflation, tire pressure monitoring system, one-touch control during driving. The car can carry an ATV all-terrain four-wheeled off-road motorcycle, independent garage, custom lifting platform. The interior design of the car is luxurious and the layout is clever and reasonable. The living room and the top bedroom are spacious and comfortable. There are all kinds of home appliances and living facilities in the cabin, where to go and where is the home. With this off-road RV, you can not only enjoy the swiftness and gallantness on the road, but also have a neat and warm home... a car to solve the dual problems of traffic and accommodation.

Such a domineering off-road RV, the price is proportional to its physical design, the cheap is also a few million, China has widely used it in freight, highway maintenance, fire, oil drilling and passenger transport and other industries.

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