In fact, the so-called dry sweeper truck is the vacuum cleaner we often see in daily life. It is called "dry sweeper truck" and its working principle is closely related. Now many environmental protection departments in large, medium and small cities in China will choose vacuum cleaners to clean roads and streets. Because the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner is relatively thorough, and for the traditional cleaners, it also has a great breakthrough in terms of technology. Many people are curious about dry sweepers. Then let's share the functions of the dry sweeper and related maintenance methods.


The dry sweeper is done by air flow during the cleaning process, without wasting water or even wasting brushes. In this way, not only environmental protection but also energy conservation, dry-sweeping vehicles have already shown better advantages. Only the movement of the airstream is required to collect the impurities and dust on the road surface, which not only improves the work efficiency but also saves energy. At present, we often see the vacuum cleaner is used for road cleaning, cleaning and other work. Whether it is any ground, vacuum cleaners can do a better job of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is not only sweeping a wide range, it's sweeping effect is also very good. Even dry road sweepers on hard, uneven roads can be cleaned very cleanly.

Many types of vehicles are easy to use, but the maintenance of the car is often troublesome and headaches. However, the vacuum cleaner is very simple to maintain, which is related to its own structure. Because its own structure is relatively simple, while the wear caused by air flow is relatively small, the maintenance cost is lower. Its maintenance is mainly to paint the car's surface and body maintenance. The internal maintenance of the car includes engine cleaning and glass water replacement. For example, for example, if you are driving about 5,000 kilometers, you can consider changing the oil. As long as these simple maintenances are performed, the service life of the dry sweeper can be guaranteed.

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