Drought and water shortage are the biggest problems encountered in China's grain production. Farmland water conditions and soil moisture content, as one of the most important agricultural information in agricultural production management strategies, are of great significance to agricultural production: First, guide farmland irrigation, and determine irrigation time and irrigation volume based on soil moisture deficits. In order to avoid excessive irrigation and improve the efficiency of water use; second, to guide agriculture in drought relief, and to take timely technical measures to alleviate and mitigate the threat of drought and improve the stability of agricultural production in light of drought and crop water shortages in farmland. Promote agricultural production increase and income increase. Soil moisture and drought management systems can effectively analyze soil-related information.

Monitoring and forecasting of farmland water conditions and soil moisture content by soil moisture and drought management systems has become an important part of farmland water conservation technology promotion and information services, and plays an important role in comprehensively advancing modern agricultural science and technology application and production management. Water is the material basis for agricultural production, and atmospheric precipitation and irrigation are the main sources of water for crops. With the exception of aquatic crops (such as rice), all precipitation and irrigation water must be converted into soil water before they can be used by crops. Various field projects, agronomic techniques and management measures can all affect the efficiency of farmland soil water supply and crop water use. Only by grasping the instantaneous soil moisture can we accurately determine the demand for water in dry land crops, and make timely water supply or drainage.

The soil moisture and drought management system combined with local conditions, especially the comparison of monitoring data and crop appearance, corrected the evaluation index system, and made it more suitable for the region and the crop to establish the soil moisture and drought assessment of different crops in the county. Indicator system. Through the analysis of data obtained through drought forecasting, governments at all levels can make correct decisions, provide farmers with scientific sowing and irrigation periods, and provide scientific theoretical support for the sustainable development of agriculture, and give full play to their guidance in practice. Sexual function.

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