At 10:00 am on March 15, the first "China (Zhejiang) Automobile Rights Protection Conference" officially kicked off. The large-scale event was guided by the Zhejiang Provincial Road Transportation Administration and the Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Service Administration, and the Zhejiang Automobile Industry Maintenance Association as a support unit. Zhejiang Consumer Rights Network, Zhejiang TV Education Technology Channel, FM93 Traffic Voice, Tencent The three provincial-level strong media of and Qianjiang Evening News teamed up to form a powerful rights-protection team including lawyers, maintenance technicians and many reporters and moderators.

On the day of the event, more than 100 car owners from all over the province drove their own "problem cars" to the scene to discuss the models, including Porsche, Audi, BMW and other high-end cars, including some recent group-oriented sex. The faulty model. The senior technicians checked the problem vehicles on the spot and found out the problems. The lawyers answered the legal questions in the field of automobile consumption on the spot. The staff and volunteers contacted the relevant 4S shops on the spot to build a bridge of rights protection communication. At the scene of the rights protection conference, the organizers also prepared a variety of tests for the majority of car owners to experience the safety performance of the car and the common sense of the car: For example, if the door is locked, is there an escape route on the car? Is there any excess of formaldehyde in the car? How big is the blind spot of the rearview mirror? Is there a protective plate under the engine? What material is the mailbox? Do you have to buy anti-collision steel beams instead of Japanese cars? At the event site, a number of related vehicle tests were also carried out. For example, regarding the anti-collision steel beam, the organizer chose the A-class car of about 100,000 yuan, including 7 brands including Japanese cars and German cars, among which found FAW Volkswagen Bora. There is no rear anti-collision steel beam. For the German car of about 100,000, there is no rear anti-collision steel beam. Many consumers said that it is unacceptable. The host also reminds consumers again that it is important to look good when buying a car, but it is safe. The problem is still to be in the first place.

Typical case of rights protection activities: [Case 1] Ms. Cixi Chen bought the Audi A4 for three years and suddenly burned and destroyed. Ms. Chen only hopes that the 4S shop can find a qualified third-party testing agency to conduct the test. It is expected that the 4S shop has only one sentence: insisting on the inspection by the Audi factory and requesting Ms. Chen to sign the agreement. Haven't tested yet, have to sign an agreement? What is your intention? The two sides were deadlocked, and the poor Ms. Chen was found to have cancer last year, and the burnt car could only be left alone in the 4S shop. What makes people angry is that when Ms. Chen and her family went to the 4S shop trailer, the staff in the store actually closed the door and locked the car, and even yelled, "If you take the car away, you will have nothing to do with us." Ms. Chen was bent on asking for a statement for herself. With the help of 110, she took back her car. [Case 2] Mr. Xu from Zhangzhou towed a Mercedes-Benz E320. On February 13 this year, the first insurance, due to the negligence of the technician, did not tighten the oil grid, causing oil leakage, the engine was scrapped. [Case 3] Goodyear = Solid? At the event site, the notes on the two tires caught the attention of many people. The content is such a "Goodyear, solid undressing, solid and easy to remove" 10,000 began to peel off the outer garments to take off the lining "easy to take off" the essence of the dripping can be close to you.

As of the end of the event, a total of 152 accident owners were received, with a resolution rate of 70%. Overall, good results have been achieved. The question about cars now has caused widespread concern in the media and society. Let the problem of the car get the first time to solve, such a "car" era is coming.

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