Shanghai new licensing policy implementation. At 7 o'clock on the evening of April 14, the staff began to "shear the cards" at the crossings on the expressways, and adjusted the time limit on the signs. Traffic experts said that although it is impossible to determine whether the New Deal will significantly ease the rapid road congestion in a short period of time, in the morning and evening peak periods, some of the elevated congestion conditions may be temporarily eased, and the treatment plan needs to be further improved. “It is possible to form an effect assessment through a one-month expressway flow analysis and provide it to the relevant departments of the city.” The city's traffic congestion index, the five major congestion areas, and other measures to further block, or further improve after the effect evaluation.
From April 15th, from 7:00 to 10:00 and 18:00 to 18:00 on the working day, the expressway will prohibit the use of other provinces and cities, small passenger cars, unmanned taxis and internship drivers. The new traffic sign replacement work was carried out as early as March 19. After installation, the sticker temporarily covers the new limit time.
The reporter saw in the north-south elevated south to the north of the Weihai Road ramp, the workers standing on the working vehicle tore off the sticky paper on the new traffic sign, and the new time limit was clearly revealed.
It is understood that there are a total of 27 signs on the north-south elevated platform that need to be torn. Wu Yi, the project leader of Shanghai Urban Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd., said that the entire Shanghai elevated road has four working sections, starting from 19:00. At 4 o'clock in the morning on the 15th, the total workload is 200, Puxi Expressway 150, Pudong 50.
Shanghai Metro announced the "P+R" parking lot at a glance. At present, there are 9 P+R parking lots close to the subway station. In the future, it will become a "outlet" for many car owners to avoid congestion, especially for foreign car owners.
Xue Meigen, deputy dean of the Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Research Institute, said that it is too early to determine whether the new measures will ease the congestion of the expressway, but the inner ring, the Humin, the Central, the North-South elevated congestion in the early morning and evening peak hours or Get temporary relief. "There will definitely be some effects, but more Shanghai-sized passenger cars may be on the elevated road during the restricted time period, the ground traffic will rise, and the congestion peak may appear in certain time periods. The blocking plan needs further analysis and improvement."
In response to the restrictions on foreign brands, the Morning News launched a micro-investigation in more than 100 foreign card owners through WeChat, telephone, and visits. 90 of them answered 5 questions in full and regarded them as valid responses.
Although more than 80% of respondents do not think that the magnified foreign card policy has a great impact on themselves and can be overcome by adjusting their travel time or methods, most of them believe that the restrictive policy is not the fundamental way to solve the elevated congestion. Respondents frankly said that they are most afraid of extending their time and scope in the future.
Respondents: Restricted line is not the fundamental method to solve congestion. Sino-Soviet and Zhejiang brands account for 70%. Since February 25, 2011, Shanghai has begun to use the “electronic police” distributed on the elevated roads of the city to increase the number of foreign provinces. Vehicles illegally entered the investigation of the elevated roads. During the ongoing remediation actions, the traffic control department found that four types of illegal activities were the most common. They were: vehicles with expired licenses were still on the road, and the temporary licenses were not placed behind the vehicles; The motor vehicle number plate is driven on the road; the foreign license plate has a front license plate, and there is no rear license plate on the road; the foreign license plate intentionally defaces the number plate on the road.
A traffic policeman with years of experience in elevated law enforcement said that similar phenomena should not be as much as four years ago. After all, this is only a time period for extending the ban. The policy has been digested for some time, and the high illegal cost will also be It has caused great shock to similar illegal acts - "Illegal activities such as not hanging or not installing the number plate according to the regulations, deliberately obstructing the dirty number plate, etc., 12 points at a time".
Traffic police at various intersections blocked the Xuhui traffic police revealed that today morning and evening peak, the traffic police department will be in Zhongshan South Road Wanping Road (inner ring), Hongmei South Road Middle Road (Central), Caobao Road Hongmei Road (Central), 漕Wubei Road, Puhuitang Road (Huiwei Elevated Road), Hongmei South Road, Tianyaoqiao Road (inner ring), five traffic lines with large traffic flow increase the police force, and can guide the possible tailing, parking waiting for the elevated Persuasion.
The Minhang Traffic Police will also do a good job of blocking and unblocking at Hushuangzhuang, Humin Lotus and Wuzhonghong Xuyu Road.
In addition, after the implementation of the new Shanghai licensing policy, Xuhui, Minhang and Pudong traffic police also set up a special blocking police force. Once congestion nodes are found, they will go to the intersection for the first time.

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