On August 19, according to media reports, we have heard many ancient curses, especially those where treasures are buried. The existence of such curses is beyond the scope of the scientists' explanation. It is reported that Russian archeological enthusiast Andrey Charmkin used 15 years to find a treasure and succeeded in digging an ancient Greek treasure. However, the "donorship" brought by these treasures almost killed his entire family.

It is reported that in the ruins of the ancient city, Chamkin dug two copper boxes. When he sweeps away the dirt on the copper box, he sees a line inscribed in Greek: "Who opened this box, and it will cause bad luck!" Gold disapproved and opened the box and found a large number of silver cups, gold plates, carvings, swords, and other antiques from the 5th century to the 4th century BC.

After the Russian National Security Agency discovered the matter and began investigations, Andrey Charmkin excavated the ancient Greek period gold and silver products from the underground of the city of Sochi. The Russian Security Bureau warned him to quickly hand over all the cultural relics to the government. In the end, all the 26 pieces of artifacts that André Chamkin dug up were handed over. Archaeologists were shocked by these unparalleled ancient Greek treasures.

However, it is shocking to have this curse of the box. What happened in the years that followed it seems to confirm the curse. It is creepy.

It is reported that when Chamkin discovered the treasure, his father died suddenly of lung cancer.

After Charmillin was forced to hand over his treasure, he became extremely destitute and quickly shot himself in the hut.

Chamkin’s sister lost her control after Chamkin's death and soon disappeared. People found her body in another area and had bullets in her brain.

Charmkin’s mother had a fire in her home at the time of drunkenness, and she could not escape and be burned.

Chamkin’s wife and children fled the village where they lived, and his wife expressed his desire to escape the “curse” of the treasures.

Now only Chamkin’s brother is still living in the village of Qazakibrod.

According to reports, in the city of Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea, there is an ancient warning: There are a large number of ancient treasures buried under the grounds of the city of Sochi. These ancient treasures are guarded by demons and no one can easily touch them. Otherwise, diggers will be transported.

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