In response to domestic power shortages and environmental pollution caused by coal-fired power generation, Hong Kong-China Gas Group, which was established in Hong Kong by China Gas, is currently promoting an energy-saving technology called “Electrical Cooling Triple Supply”, which will be launched in Guangdong next year. Formally introduced LNG.
The triple energy supply system refers to an energy production system that uses natural gas energy, through a cogeneration system consisting of a gas turbine (or internal combustion engine), a waste heat boiler, and a chiller, and simultaneously produces an energy production system that supplies chilled water for electric power, hot water or steam, and air conditioning, referred to as " Triple supply". This technology is suitable for concentrated areas that need to be supplied at the same time, such as business areas, commercial areas, and residential areas.

Qi Ruilong, deputy general manager of the Hong Kong and China Gas Group, said that China's power shortage is very serious, and China's energy structure is based on coal. The environmental pollution and ecological problems caused by coal-fired electricity are sustainable for China's society and economy. Development has also caused great obstacles. With the commissioning of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, the introduction of LNG and the promotion of the Russian-South gas transmission project, it is expected that the natural gas industry will have a good development prospect in China, and it will also promote regional triple supply. The rise of distributed energy stations throughout the country.

According to reports, the advantages of triple-supply technology compared with traditional technology are very obvious: First, the technology has greatly improved energy efficiency from 30% to 80%. Because the triple-supply system uses clean energy, the energy station does not need to be far away from the dwellings. The electricity produced is produced and sold in the same place without transmission loss. At the same time, the waste heat is fully recovered to make steam, air-conditioning chilled water or water, and the energy utilization rate can reach 80% or more. . Second, the technology uses natural gas as a fuel to significantly reduce environmental pollution. Compared with conventional coal-fired (desulfurization) power generation, the triple supply reduces emissions of sulfur dioxide by about 90%, nitrogen oxides by about 80%, and carbon dioxide by about 50%, while suspended particulates can be reduced to near zero. Third, the technology resolves the “electricity shortage” and improves the safety and reliability of energy supply. The summer “electricity shortage” is mainly caused by the large amount of electricity consumed by traditional air conditioners. The triple supply system can also use flue gas cooling while power supply, and open the era of “electric air conditioning”. In the evening, when electricity is used, the ice can be used for daytime use, reducing the daytime electricity load.
According to Qi Ruilong, the triple supply system has become the ideal energy system for modern cities, and has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Japan. There are more than 6,000 distributed energy stations in the United States.

Air-conditioning supplies for large buildings such as Tokyo's skyscrapers, the Twin Towers of Malaysia, and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport are also using triple-connected technology. The Hong Kong and China Gas Group also said that the most ideal fuel for distributed energy stations is natural gas. The development of electric heating and cooling cogeneration is the best way and the most effective means to rationally utilize natural gas resources. The Guangdong LNG project is expected to be officially put into operation next June. It is expected that the triple supply technology will usher in new opportunities and development.

It is understood that at present, the use of triple supply in China is still blank. Hong Kong and China Gas Group has signed relevant cooperation agreements with Xi'an. Relevant persons from Hong Kong and China Gas stated that the Pearl River Delta is expected to be the first region to use triple-connect technology.