Model NO.: SJ80/156
Engagement System: Full Intermeshing
Screw Channel Structure: Deep Screw
Exhaust: Don′t Exhaust
Automation: Automatic
Computerized: Computerized
Trademark: Wings
Transport Package: Wood Box and Film
Specification: SJ80/156
Origin: Qingdao
HS Code: 84772090
Two Layer Co - Extrusion Glazed Roof Tile Forming Machine / Extrusion Line

Product description:
(1) Durable color:
It can still maintain the stability of its color for over 10 years.
(2) Long lifetime:
It's natural life span can reach more than 30 years, 2-3 times of other roof tile products.
(3) Excellent corrosion resistance:
Resin tile can withstand long-term acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals, which is very
suitable for acid rain-prone areas and coastal. its life span is over 3 times longer than zinc panels.
(4) Heat insulation performance:
The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile is 0.325W / (mk), is about 1/310 of clay tile,
1 / 5 of concrete tile, 1/200 of 0.5mm thickness steel tile.
(5) Quick installation:
High paving efficiency, light weight, easy handling, installation accessories complete.
(6) Good sound insulation:
When it rains, the noise is more than 30dB lower than the metal roofing.
(7) Excellent self-cleaning properties:
Smooth surface is not easy to absorb dust. The color will not be mottled after rain washes.
(8) Fire resistance and waterproof:
Synthetic resin tile is a kind of non-flammable materials with oxygen index OI of≥32.
(9) Excellent loading resistance:
In the case of 660mm supporting distance, loading 150kg, there is no cracks and damage on the tile.
(10) Environment protection : It does not contain asbestos with no carcinogen released.
Raw material & Final product 
Raw material & formulation PVC resin, CaCO3, Lubricant,stabilizing agent, anti-ultraviolet agent,Pigment etc
Central height: 1050mm
Max. Haul-off speed: 0.5-5m/min
Operation direction From right to left (face to the operation panel)
Machine color supplier standard or as per your request
Description final product & Output capacity Two layers UPVC/ASA Roofing tile;
Width:880 or 1040mm,Thickness: 2~3.0mm;
Wave distance:160mm; Wave height:28/30mm;
Output:300-400kg/h(Depending on CaCO3 proportion)
Energy consumption of PVC glazed tile production line
Installation power 287KW,the real consumption only 75%-80%
Cooling Water ≤20°C, ≥0.3Mpa, ~3tons/hr
Compressedair 0.3m3/min, >0.5Mpa
Manpower 2-3 Person/shift 
Generally Equipment consists list for multiple layer pvc roof tile production line
Item Name Quantity
1 SJZ-80 Twin screw extruder One set
2 SJ-50X30 Single screw extruder One set
3 Drying and Loading system One set
4 Die mould and distributer One set
5 Embossing unit One set
6 Roof tile forming machine  One set
7 Cutter One set
8 Stacker One set
Featured by its beautiful 3D shape and Chinese styled characteristic color,the roofing tile is widely used in the roof decoration of all kinds of permanent buildings,especially the "Flat-to-sloping roof conversion" projuct,which is very popular in China today.
Scope of application: Mainly used in flat-to-sloping roof conversion , villa roofing , mobile home , garden pavilion roofing , etc.

Service System:
Products features and application introduction
Recommend suitable processing technology
Offer information consultancny
Offer testing methods and production technology standard
Machinery Production,
Offer the machinery installation required conditions
Could change the solution modification without notice
Study and solve technology situation and materials formulation together
Offer installation and worker training
Establish and record customer documents
Offer spare parts to assure the machine maintenance and stable production
Offer necessary technique support for the new machinery
Regularly vist customers and collect feedback
Promise of one year quality guarantee, lifetime guarantee of machine maintenance.